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8 Simple Winter Car Care Tips

We rounded up eight simple car care tips to keep your car looking and driving at its best, no matter how harsh the winter.

Do You Need to Service Your Car at the Dealership to Keep Your Warranty Valid?

Will you void your warranty if you bring in your car for service somewhere besides the dealer? Here's the answer.

6 Simple Spring Car Care Tips

As winter is coming to an end, here are six helpful tips to help you prepare your car for the spring.

What’s Wrong With My Car’s Air Conditioning?

Today’s vehicles are all about comfort but that flies out the window if your air conditioning doesn’t work, especially on a hot summer day.

Emission Test Tips

If you live in a densely populated area, chances are you’ve had an emissions test perhaps annually or every other year or so. This...

Are my Brakes Working Properly?

You don’t have to be an auto mechanic to know whether your vehicle’s brakes are working properly.

How Important is the “Check Engine” Light?

When the Check Engine light comes on, what does it mean for your future driving experience?

When Do I Need a New Car Battery?

Wondering when you should get a new battery for your vehicle? Cam Benty has the scoop.

5 Things To Do On a Used Car Test Drive

You're ready for a used car test drive. You've done your research, narrowed your list down and honed it to perhaps just a few cars. Now it's time to take that car out for a spin. In addition to making sure you're comfortable in the car and that it meets your financial requirements, there are a lot of things to pay close attention to.

How Often Should You Replace Your Air Filter?

Having a clean air filter in your car optimizes performance and fuel economy.
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