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6 Underrated 90s Performance Cars on Autotrader

Here are some underrated 90s performance cars deserving more love.

5 Amazingly Preserved 1990s Chryslers on Autotrader

Here's a look at five amazingly well-preserved Chrysler products from the 1990s currently available on Autotrader.

Dead Marque Spotlight: Plymouth

After taking a look back at Saturn a few weeks ago, our next rendition of ‘Dead Marque Spotlight’ is centered around Chrysler's defunct Plymouth brand.

Autotrader Find: 1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager Wheelchair Van with 13,000 Miles

Today’s Autotrader Find: a 1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager Wheelchair Van

Chrysler’s Cloud Cars Were Midsize Sedans You’ve Probably Forgotten About

In the 1990s, Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth each offered "cloud cars" -- a collection of weather-inspired midsize sedans.

Autotrader Find: 1983 Plymouth Scamp GT Restoration Project

Just 3,564 Scamps were built in total, all for the 1983 model year.

Video | I Took My ‘Pimp My Ride’ Minivan to Carmax for an Appraisal

It's hard to value rare fine art, but Carmax sure tried!

5 Crazy Colored Cars for Sale on Autotrader

Remember when you could only get the Plymouth Prowler in purple?

The Plymouth Voyager XG Concept Was a 4-Seat Diesel Minivan With a Manual Transmission

Chrysler dipped its toes into the crossover world with a diesel version of its minivan that had Plymouth Prowler wheels and a huge sunroof.

Here Are 5 Cool, Rare Older Vans For Sale on Autotrader

Old vans can be cool -- and here are five old vans that prove it.
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