2013 Volvo Cars

2013 Volvo Cars
Volvos may not be the most exciting cars, but the Swedish automaker -- owned by Chinese auto manufacturer Geely since 2010 -- is focused on making them as safe and sturdy as possible. If those are your priorities, a Volvo might be for you. Among the automaker's many innovations are the Sensus electronics system, which makes it easy to connect to the Internet in the car, and IntelliSafe technology -- such as smart cruise control and collision-preventive braking -- which brings its drivers a little closer to an accident-proof car. Volvo even pioneered City Safety, which can detect pedestrians or bicyclists in your path. In sedans, choose between the under-$35,000 S60 and the more luxurious S80. XC models, like the XC60, are crossovers that look a lot like wagons and are available with full-time all-wheel drive. If you're shopping for a mid-priced Acura, BMW, Infiniti or Mercedes-Benz, it may be worth your time to test drive a Volvo. If Volvo is your style, you'll know.
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