Which TV ads drew the most laughs and which car spot made it onto the top 10 list of funniest commercials of 2010?

It’s a known fact: laughter sells. Which is why companies work hard to develop amusing commercials, and TBS recently celebrated these TV spots by airing a top 10 list of the funniest commercials of the year. The general public voted for their favorites at VeryFunnyAds.com, where 208 commercials are currently posted (from around the world, some from years past).

Only one car commercial was voted into the top 10 this year: the Kia Soul ad with hamsters rapping, “You can go with this, or you can go with that.” But there were three other nominated car ads featured during the show, which was hosted by Old Spice commercial star Isaiah Mustafa. One was a Renault ad from Germany, where a young man sits in his car at a red light, singing energetically to the Cranberries’ 1994 song “Zombie.” He sings to the older man in the car next to him at the light, who does his best to ignore the singing. The young man arrives at his girlfriend’s parents’ house and sure enough, that’s her dad, who acknowledges that at least he has a nice car, the Renault Clio.

The next car ad shown was also from Germany, for the Mercedes E-Class. The Grim Reaper appears in the passenger seat and says “sorry” as an accident is about to happen. But the car’s top-of-the-line braking system prevents the crash and the driver says “sorry” right back. The final car ad featured shows a variety of men with a voice-over stating all the “unmanly” things that they do for their wives and girlfriends – and in exchange for that, they will choose to drive what they want to, calling it “man’s last stand.” The choice is a Dodge Charger.

By the way, the number one spot on the top 10 list went to an ad from the U.K. for Drench water titled “Mr. Memory,” about a goldfish making its way through an underwater maze.

Watch all the commercials, including ones from Ford, Audi, Toyota, Honda and more, at VeryFunnyAds.com.

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Meg Hemphill is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle writer who covers the good life: style, food, automotive, travel and entertainment. When it comes to cars, it is less about the nuts and bolts and more about the aesthetic, luxury and occasional practicality. A former editor at InStyle, she writes for the Huffington Post and a variety of other publications.

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