The 2012 Infiniti FX50 S is the muscle car of luxury crossovers - a V8-powered beast with driving dynamics and styling to match. The interior is lavish, the exterior looks like nothing else on the road and it's an SUV we simply love to drive. Here are 5 reasons why we think you will, too.

1. Power

The FX is motivated by a 5.0-liter V8 pumping out 390 horsepower and 369 pound feet of torque. Combine that with a seven-speed automatic transmission for some serious high-performance capability. If you're thinking a V8 under the hood means noisy and unrefined, think again. Not only does Infiniti's V8 produce a nice, well-controlled exhaust note, it's also one of the smoothest V8 engines around - easily on par with Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

2. Bold Styling

The FX touts the styling of an edgy-looking concept car. With its sleek, hunkered stance and exclusive 21-inch wheels, it looks like a life-size Hot Wheels toy. It'll turn heads everywhere it goes. The tradeoff here is outward visibility - backing out of a slanted driveway is a challenge. Thankfully, the Infiniti FX50 offers the company's excellent Around View monitor that lets you see almost everything that surrounds the car.

3. Driving Position

On the other hand, the FX's forward visibility is excellent. Also, the Infiniti FX50 has a near-perfect driving position. The seats are highly supportive; the steering wheel tilts and telescopes to fit all physiques; and important controls are never more than a slight reach away.

4. Sporty Handling

Next is the FX50's sport sedan-like handling. We can't think of another vehicle that's as useful and comfortable as the FX50 yet can still make short work of a twisty back road. At times the FX feels track-tuned, and at other times it feels like a full-size luxury car. The steering is precise and responsive, while body roll is kept admirably in check, especially when you put the adjustable dampers in "Sport" mode. You'll take corners with plenty of confidence.

5. Perfect Size

Last but not least, the FX is just the right size whether you're slipping through tight urban spaces or carving your way through a canyon road. Its manageable dimensions are a big part of why this crossover feels so well controlled. But it doesn't feel small inside. The rear seat feels adequate, but the front seats offer plenty of hip, shoulder and legroom.

Unlike most of its brethren, the FX50 S is an absolute hoot to drive. And it's also one of the coolest-looking cars on the road. If you're looking for a crossover with some spunk, the 2012 Infiniti FX is the one.

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Shamit Choksey has a love for automobiles that worked into an early career writing and developing cop shows for network television. Later, diving even further into the world of wheels, he became a writer/producer for the Emmy-nominated PBS/Discovery Channel series "MotorWeek." These days, Shamit lives in Southern California, serving as a media consultant and journalist within the automotive industry. Incidentally, his wife and two sons are not impressed by any of this.

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