Chip Foose Stallion

The word "rare" might just be one of the most overused and abused terms in the car seller's lexicon. But in this case, with just 276 produced, this custom-built 2007 Ford Mustang "Stallion," created by famous auto designer, fabricator and reality television star Chip Foose, is undeniably exceptional.

Each Stallion began life as a stock Mustang GT and then each one received a near total transformation while under Foose's guiding hand. The former star of the TLC Network's Overhaulin' not only did the original concept sketches but was responsible for coming up with all of the interior, exterior, engine and suspension upgrades as well. Finally, when all of the work was complete, Foose put his signature on the dash. The result is anything but a typical pony car.

This 2007 convertible is for sale by the original owner, Kevin O'Grady of Clarkston, Michigan, who is quite aware of the Stallion's singular status.

"It's definitely not your average car. There's just not that many out there," O'Grady said.

The engine upgrades include a "Roots" style supercharger, special cold air intake and an upgraded ECM (engine control module) that pumps output up to an estimated 425 horsepower. Other performance modifications include suspension improvements, upgraded brakes, and 20-inch Foose-designed "Nitrous" wheels with Z-rated high performance tires. As you can image all this makes for one impressive ride.

"It's a great sports car and drives really nice," O'Grady said.

O'Grady says that the car, with only 2,200 miles on the odometer, is "basically brand new" and has been exceptionally maintained. O'Grady also boasts that it has never even "touched snow or rain or dirt roads" and the exterior, painted in a special Foose-created two-tone paint scheme, is devoid of scratches or dents.

The car has always been treated very well. O'Grady said the Stallion was purchsed in Iowa and brought all the way back to Michigan in a covered trailer.

For a car produced in such limited amounts there is a hard drive's worth of information online about Chip Foose Stallions. For instance, nearly all of the available modifications are listed in the original sales brochure.

While O'Grady has helped keep the car in collectible shape, he gives credit to the car's creator for making the Stallion so desirable in the first place.

"Chip Foose made it special," he said.


See the listing here. Find the archived copy after it sells.

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John Seals has been writing about the auto industry since 1979 when he convinced the editor of his high school newspaper to let him write a road test of the new Ford Mustang. His work has appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines and online.

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