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The Second-Generation Dodge Challenger Was Actually a Mitsubishi Galant

But it did lead to one of the defining sports cars of the 1980s.

Manual Jaguar F-Type Models Carry a Substantial Premium Over Their Automatic Brethren

F-TYPE models with three pedals are clearly more desireable than those with two.

It May Be Cliched, but the Toyota Supra Deserves a Manual

A 6-speed would make the Supra nearly perfect.

Here Are 5 Fast SUVs for $20,000 or Less

Just how much SUV can you get for the price of your average cheap car?

Here Are 5 Great Commuter Cars For Under $10,000

These reliable gas-sippers won't put you in the penalty box for being frugal.

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Is Surprisingly Easy to Drive Slow

You expect a 797 horsepower car to be fast. You don't expect it to be completely reasonable.

5 Great Work Trucks That Aren’t Pickups

Pickups aren't always the best choice for business, so check out these alternatives.

5 Great Entry Level Track Day Cars

These cars make great dedicated track day cars without breaking the bank.

I Bought a Used Volkswagen Touareg, and I Think It’s the Best SUV Value on the Market

No other SUV in its price range can compete in capability, features, fit and finish, and comfort.

5 Cars That Are Easy to Fix Yourself for Under $10,000

Whether you're looking for frugality or fun, these cars can help you hone your mechanic skills with less trouble.
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