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The Cadillac STS-V Is a Sport Sedan Bargain If You Can Find One

When Cadillac first introduced its V subbrand of performance cars in the mid-2000s, it brought some serious heat to three of its models at the time. Everyone knows and loves the original CTS-V, which was powered by the same V8 as the C5 Corvette Z06, and the XLR-V is remembered as an oddity. At that time, Cadillac had its own Corvette-based sports car, but it had a supercharged Northstar V8 under the hood.

But perhaps the most forgotten of the V cars has also become the most affordable one on the used market today. I’m talking about the Cadillac STS-V, the midsize, rear-wheel-drive sedan that was produced for the 2006-2009 model years with the same supercharged V8 that’s found in the XLR-V. In the STS-V, the Northstar makes 469 horsepower and 439 lb-ft of torque. Sure, those numbers are nothing compared to the modern day CTS-V, but those specs are almost identical to that of the ATS-V but in a larger, heavier package. The STS-V might not be as athletic as the more modern V cars, but it’s also not nearly as expensive, and it has become quite the sport sedan bargain.

The STS-V is also a bit of a sleeper. To the untrained eye, it’s just an oldish Cadillac sedan that might be the same one your grandpa drives, but this is far from being grandpa’s Caddy — unless you have a particularly cool grandpa. Subtle visual differences include a wire mesh grille, a "power dome" hood to fit the supercharger, revised front and rear fascias, special wheels and a rear spoiler. Other performance upgrades in addition to the engine include Brembo performance brakes, upgraded steering and suspension, and a cooler for the rear differential oil under the car.

The performance of the STS-V was excellent, with a 0-to-60 mph time of 4.6 seconds and a quarter-mile time of 12.9 seconds. It was also a solid luxury car that was a little nicer than the more popular CTS. A few features that came standard on the STS-V were heated seats, a heated steering wheel, voice-command for the navigation, windows, locks, audio, and HVAC, blind spot monitoring, automatic high beams, and additional digital instrumentation that you can scroll through. Starting in 2008, HUD also became standard kit for the V model.

There’s just one problem with the STS-V: scarcity. There aren’t a lot of these things left, and as of this writing, there are only 11 examples for sale on Autotrader. They might be few and far between, but if you do find one for sale near you, a pretty clean example can be had for around the $15,000 mark. So what would you rather have, a decade-old luxury sport sedan with a supercharged V8 and air conditioning that you can talk to or a new base Hyundai Accent? Find a Cadillac STS for sale

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