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2016 Subaru Legacy: Two Things

Anyone shopping for the absolute best midsize sedan might not pick the 2016 Subaru Legacy. The Accord is bigger, the Chevy Malibu is just as much fun to drive, and the Nissan Altima feels more luxurious inside. Still, there’s something about this car that’s really gotten under my skin. I think it comes down to two things — two things that a shopper may or may not care about depending on their personality and disposition.

The first is the car’s ride and handling. It’s just fun and rewarding to drive. It doesn’t have a ton of power, yet the car still feels quick. In middle RPMs (like when entering the freeway), the Legacy’s engine and transmission really work well together. Even a minor squeeze on the accelerator adds enough extra speed to get into any opening in traffic. The Legacy doesn’t have a lot of torque from a stop. That means it’s not going to give you that Mustang GT feeling when you stab the gas pedal at a stop sign. Still, once the car is underway, the transmission and engine work well to give the driver just enough fun to keep things interesting.

The second thing about the 2016 Subaru Legacy is the audio system. Our car is a 2.5i Limited. That means it has the smaller, more fuel-efficient 4-cylinder engine with a fairly nice list of comfort and convenience features. It also means we could opt for the "STARLINK 7-inch multimedia navigation with Harman Kardon speakers," and we did. It might be that I expected the Legacy’s stereo to be just average (or worse), or it might be that this is really an excellent sound system no matter how you look at it. It’s probably 30 percent expectations and 70 percent "excellent sound system."

The optional system means a 576-watt head unit running sound through eight channels. It also includes Harman’s high-efficiency GreenEdge amplifier and 12 Harman Kardon speakers. The Harman Kardon website details the rest: "Two 80-millimeter midrange speakers and 16-mm tweeters are integrated into the dashboard, together with an 80-mm high-efficiency wide-dispersion midrange speaker. Two high-efficiency midwoofers are placed in the front doors and massive coax 170-mm high-efficiency midwoofers with integrated 25-mm woofers are in the rear. A high-efficiency midwoofer behind the rear seat helps create powerful basses." The result is an audio system that has remarkable separation, clear highs and clean, deep bass that doesn’t distort.

I get that some people won’t care, but anyone who has a long commute or does frequent road trips will likely appreciate the details of this excellent audio system. Find a 2016 Subaru Legacy for sale

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