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2022 Chevrolet Express: Choosing the Right Trim

The biggest news for the 2022 Chevrolet Express, as it returns for the new model year, is the deletion of its CD-player option. Earth-shaking, right?

For a vehicle that essentially hasn’t changed in more than a quarter of a century, abandoning a piece of high tech like the CD player is big news.

An old-school, body-on-frame work van, Express targets plumbers, electricians, and other tradespeople needing to transport themselves and equipment to the job.

It can carry a lot and tow a lot, all while taking a bit of punishment.

In the current environment of the Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster, and Nissan NV Cargo vans, the Express (as well as its GMC sister Savana) is the proverbial bull in a china shop.

We like the Express for its selection of robust engines, affordability, and versatility.

Sure, its mastery of technology is on par with your grandfather trying to set up the TikTok app on his “smartyphone.” However, it can do work the others can only dream of.

Don’t expect much pampering, either. The Express is built for work boots, not ballet slippers.

The one thing we do find oddly lacking, though, is the absence of a 4-wheel-drive option for a task-oriented vehicle. Curious.

Every Express, regardless of trim or style, is rear-wheel drive (RWD).

Trim levels don’t abound either. Chevy separates the Express into Cargo, Passenger, and Cutaway models.

The Cargo and Cutaway models offer one grade, while the Passenger proffers two (LS and LT).

As with trucks, the Express is parsed by load capacities. The higher the number, the greater the load they can carry and tow.

Chevy offers Cargo and Passenger in the 2500 and 3500 classes. The Cutaway comes as 2500, 3500, and 4500.

We’ll concentrate on Cargo and Passenger versions.

What Are the Engines?

Cargo, Passenger, and Cutaway get a 4.3-liter V6 combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission as their base drivetrain. It can tow up to 7,400 pounds.

A 6.6-liter V8 mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission is an option for all three versions. Its maximum towing is 10,000 lbs.

Also optional on the Cargo and Passenger is a 2.8-liter 4-cylinder turbodiesel mated to the 8-speed automatic tranny. Its top-end towing capability is 7,000 lbs.

Adding the 6.6L V8 to any grade will set you back $1,695. Adding the 2.8L turbodiesel is a $3,995 upcharge.

The government doesn’t post estimated fuel economy for full-size vans.

2022 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van (starting at $33,000)

The listed price is for the 2500 with a 135-inch wheelbase (WB).

You can also get it as:

  • 2500 with 155-inch WB ($34,900)
  • 3500 with 135-inch WB ($36,100)
  • 3500 with 155-inch WB ($36,900)

Offering only one trim level, the Cargo comes standard with 16-inch steel wheels, hill-start assist, a tire-pressure monitor, swing-out passenger-side side doors, and tow-haul mode.

Also included are vinyl floor covering, vinyl front bucket seats, air conditioning, a center console, a rearview camera, and power-operated accessories (windows, heated outboard mirrors, and door locks).

Within the infotainment system are a 2-speaker audio system, OnStar capability, and Wi-Fi hotspot capability.

An amazing array of stand-alone options are available. For instance, a USB port will set you back $100, and adding a 3-person second-row bench seat bumps up the cost by $1,965.

You can also pick up forward collision warning ($295) or blind-spot monitoring ($395).

There are option packages, as well, like the Enhanced Convenience Package ($3,055). It includes the 6.6 V8 upgrade, remote keyless entry, remote start, heavy-duty trailering accessories, a tilt steering wheel, and cruise control.

Adding the $1,295 destination fee to the Cargo base price brings the total to $34,295. With no money down, financing for 60 months at 3% interest works out to a monthly payment of $616. See 2022 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van models for sale

2022 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van includes:

  • Power accessories – These include power windows, power door locks, and heated power outboard mirrors.
  • OnStar capability – OnStar is a telematics system with several layers of service and cost. It can do everything from contacting emergency responders when it senses an accident to making dinner reservations.
  • Wi-Fi hot spot – A 4G LTE hotspot allows passengers to stream and share online on their smartphones.

2022 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van LS (starting at $37,200)

The price listed is for the 2500 LS with the 135-in. WB.

You can also get the 3500 with 135-in. WB ($38,400), or the 3500 with the 155-in. WB ($39,200).

Standard content includes everything in the Cargo Van plus rear air conditioning, 12-passenger seating, child-seat anchors, and a rear auxiliary heater.

Adding the $1,295 destination fee to the LS equals $38,495. With no money down for 60 months at 3% interest, financing works out to $892 per month. See 2022 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van LS models for sale

2022 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van LS includes:

  • 12-passenger seating – Three rows of bench seats feature a 3-3-4 seating configuration.
  • Rear air conditioning – This adds a separate air conditioning unit with rear vents.
  • Rear heater – An auxiliary unit, it creates its own heat zone in the rear of the vehicle.

2022 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van LT (starting at $39,300 estimated)

The price listed is for the 2500 LT with the 135-in WB.

It also comes in the 3500 with 135-in. WB ($40,500 estimated) or the 3500 with 155-in. WB. ($41,300).

The LT adds carpeted floors, forward-collision warnings, lane-departure warnings, cloth front seats, and remote keyless entry to the LS content.

There are plenty of available options for the LT, as well.

Adding the $1,295 destination fee to the LT base price brings the total to $40,595. With no money down for 60 months at 3% interest, financing works out to $729 per month. See 2022 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van LT models for sale

2022 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van LT includes:

Forward-collision warning – When the system senses you are closing in on a vehicle or other stationary object in front of you, it sounds a warning.

Remote keyless entry – You can unlock or lock your vehicle from several feet away using your fob.

Lane-departure warning – Using a forward-pointing camera, the system senses when you leave your lane and sounds a warning.

2022 Chevrolet Express Cutaway Van (starting at $32,900)

The listed price is for the 3500 with a 139-inch WB.

It’s also available as:

  • 3500 with 159-inch WB ($33,900)
  • 3500 with 177-inch WB ($34,400)
  • 4500 with 159-inch WB ($36,200)
  • 4500 with 177-inch WB ($37,200)

The Cutaway is outfitted comparably to the Cargo base trim.

Its mission is as a platform for various cargo solutions, such as ambulances and so forth. See 2022 Chevrolet Express Cutaway Van models for sale

Russ Heaps
Russ Heaps
Russ Heaps is an author specializing in automotive, financial and travel news. For nearly 35 years he has covered the automotive industry for newspapers, magazines and internet websites. His resume includes The Palm Beach Post, Miami Herald, The Washington Times and numerous other daily newspapers through syndication. He edited Auto World magazine, and helped create and edit NOPI Street... Read More about Russ Heaps

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