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2022 Ford F-150: Choosing the Right Trim

After a makeover for 2021, the 2022 Ford F-150 returns without much in the way of change.

Of course, the fully electric F-150 Lightning debut in 2022 is sucking up a lot of the oxygen in the F-150 universe. We detail the F-150 Lightning elsewhere.

Late to the 2021 F-150 Truckapalooza were the uber-off-road-capable Tremor and V6 Raptor. The dust is still settling from their arrival.

So, the remainder of the F-150 stable is soldiering on into 2022 pretty much unmolested.

As we’ve come to expect from the F-150, there is no shortage of choice, capability, or technology.

Full-size pickups like the F-150, the GM 1500 cousins (Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra), and the Ram 1500, tend to target even the narrowest niches with their abundance of choices.

In the case of the F-150, there are eight grades, six engines, three cab configurations, three cargo-box lengths, rear-wheel drive (RWD), and 4-wheel drive (4WD) from which to pick and choose.

The three cab configurations are Regular, SuperCab, and SuperCrew. The box lengths are 5.5 feet, 6.5 feet, and 8.0 feet.

Every engine isn’t available with every trim level, which isn’t available with every cab configuration, and so on. However, you get the idea. There are still a lot of choices.

In fact, the wide range of configurations and trim levels is one of the things we really like about the F-150. Other things we particularly appreciate are its best-in-class towing, a hybrid option, off-road specialty trims, and its functional but comfy interior.

Another F-150 feature we applaud is the capability to receive over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

For 2022, the trim levels are XL, XLT, Lariat, Tremor, King Ranch, Platinum, Raptor, and Limited.

Adding 4WD to the base XL costs $4,645. Adding to all other trims costs $3,425. It’s standard on Tremor and Raptor.

Power & Fuel Economy

Although F-150 has eight engines – nine if you count the Raptor’s high-output (HO) version of the 3.5-liter V6 – not every grade qualifies for every engine. Therefore, we’ve broken out the engines by trim level. Each is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

  • Standard in XL and XLT is the 3.3-liter V6. According to government estimates, its RWD fuel economy is 20 mpg in the city, 24 mpg on the highway, and 21 mpg in combined driving. With 4WD, it’s 19 mpg city/22 mpg highway/20 mpg combined.
  • Standard in Lariat, but available in the XL and XLT, is the 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6 EcoBoost. Here the estimated RWD mileage is 20 mpg city/26 mpg highway/22 mpg combined. With 4WD, it’s 19 mpg/24 mpg/21 mpg.
  • Standard in King Ranch and Platinum, but available in the XL, XLT, and Lariat is a 5.0-liter V8. This is the F-150 towing champ. It’s capable of towing up to 13,000 pounds when the truck is properly equipped. Its RWD fuel numbers are 17 mpg/24 mpg/28 mpg. With 4WD, it’s 16 mpg/22 mpg/19 mpg.
  • Standard in Tremor and Limited, but available in Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum, is a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 EcoBoost. Its estimated RWD mileage is 18 mpg/24 mpg/20 mpg. With 4WD, the numbers only vary a tad to 18 mpg/23 mpg/20 mpg.
  • Standard in Raptor is the 3.5-liter HO twin-turbo V6 EcoBoost. Ford only offers Raptor with 4WD. Its mileage numbers are 15 mpg/18 mpg/16 mpg.
  • Available in King Ranch and Platinum is the PowerBoost hybrid (HEV) system. It uses the 3.5-liter V6 and a 47-horsepower electric motor. With RWD, its mileage is 25 mpg/26 mpg/25 mpg. With 4WD, every number drops by 1 mpg.
  • Available in 4WD versions of Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited is the 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel. Its estimated mileage is 20 mpg/27 mpg/23 mpg.

2022 Ford F-150 XL (starting at $29,640)

2022 Ford F-150 XL Profile in Silver
The 2022 Ford F-150 XL starts at $29,640.

The price listed is for the RWD Regular Cab with the 6.5-foot box. Picking the SuperCab adds $4,085. Opting for the SuperCrew bumps up the price by $7,710.

Adding 4WD will set you back $4,645.

This is the basic, few-frills F-150 trim level.

Standard features include 17-inch steel wheels, manually adjusted outboard mirrors, auto-on-off halogen headlights, high-beam assist, and a locking tailgate.

Also included are manually operated windows and door locks, air conditioning, a 4-inch driver information screen, a tilt-telescopic steering wheel, and a 40/20/40 cloth bench seat.

The infotainment system includes an 8-inch touchscreen, a 4-speaker audio system, SYNC 4 interface, wireless Apple CarPlay, wireless Android Auto, and Wi-Fi hotspot capability.

The rearview camera has Hitch Assist, which provides a line to help line up the hitch to a trailer.

The only advanced driver aid is forward-collision warning with automatic emergency braking.

As is always the case with full-size trucks, the options list is longer than your arm. You can add just about any feature to any trim level in some form.

Adding Ford Co-Pilot360 2.0 ($750) gains you blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, lane-keeping assist with steering assistance, and rear park assist with automatic braking.

The Power Equipment Group ($970) adds power windows, power door locks with keyless entry, power outboard mirrors, and a power tailgate lock.

A spray-on bedliner is $595, and running boards will set you back $250.

Adding the $1,695 destination fee to the XL base price brings the total to $31,335. With no money down, financing for 60 months at 3% interest works out to $563 per month. See 2022 Ford F-150 XL models for sale

2022 Ford F-150 XL includes:

  • 3.3-liter V6 – This engine produces 290 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque. It has flex-fuel capability.
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – Allows your smartphone to interface with your vehicle. Not only can you access the music on your phone, but you can also send messages, receive messages, make calls, and so forth through your vehicle’s media system. In the F-150, the connection to the media system is wireless.
  • Forward-collision warning – Using a forward-pointing camera and radar technology, this system scans the road ahead and warns the driver of any collision risk audibly and visually. If the driver doesn’t react to the warning, the system automatically applies the brakes.

2022 Ford F-150 XLT (starting at $35,750)

2022 Ford F-150 XLT Front Right in Black
The 2022 Ford F-150 XLT is now available, starting at $35,750.

The listed price is for the RWD Regular Cab with the 6.6-foot box. Moving up to the SuperCrew Cab costs $2,910. For the SuperCrew Cab, you’ll pay $5,260 more than the Regular Cab.

To add 4WD will tack $3,425 on to the total. This is the cost of adding 4WD to any of the upper trims.

The XLT adds all the features in the XL Power Equipment Group and Co-Pilot360 2.0.

XLT also adds 17-inch aluminum wheels, heated outboard mirrors, chrome bumpers, fog lights, a rear-window defroster, cruise control, and remote keyless entry.

Checking the box for the 301A Equipment Group will cost you $1,900. However, it includes goodies like an 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, dual-zone automatic climate control, voice recognition, and more.

A 360-degree surround-view camera adds $765 to the bottom line.

Adding the $1,695 destination fee to the XLT base price equals $37,445. Financing that amount with no money down for 60 months at 3% interest works out to a monthly payment of $673. See 2022 Ford F-150 XLT models for sale

2022 Ford F-150 XLT includes:

  • Ford Co-Pilot360 2.0 – This suite of driver aids features blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and lane-keeping assist with steering assistance. Rear park assist with automatic braking is also included.
  • Power accessories – The XLT provides power windows, doors, and outboard mirrors.
  • Remote keyless entry – You can unlock and lock the vehicle remotely when in range using the fob.

2022 Ford F-150 Lariat (starting at $45,760)

2022 Ford F-150 Lariat Edition Front Left in Blue
The 2022 Ford F-150 Lariat Edition is now available, starting at $45,760.

Ford only offers Lariat in SuperCab and SuperCrew Cab configurations. The listed price is for the RWD SuperCab with the 6.5-foot box.

Stepping up to the SuperCrew adds $2,360 to the total sale price.

If we were buying an F-150, we think the Lariat is the sweet spot for value. We’d opt for the SuperCrew Cab and call it a day.

The Lariat adds the XLT’s 301A Equipment Group. To the XLT content, Lariat adds 18-in. aluminum wheels, Box Link, auto-dimming power-folding outboard mirrors, remote tailgate release, and LED fog lights.

Also included are LED headlights and taillights, a power-sliding rear window, a 12-inch touchscreen, push-button start, and power-adjustable pedals with memory.

The other standard fare is a heated-ventilated front seat, leather-covered 20/40/20 front seat, and a 10-way power-adjustable driver’s seat with memory.

Satellite-radio capability, blind-spot monitoring with trailer coverage, outboard-mirror-mounted spotlights, and a Class IV trailer hitch are also standard.

Opt for the $6,920 502A High Equipment Group and gain a chrome appearance package. Also included are an 8-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system, rain-sensing wipers, a power-adjustable steering wheel, adaptive LED projector headlights, and lots more.

Grab up the FX4 Off-Road Package ($1,005) to get a hill-descent control, special-tuned front shock absorbers, rock-crawl mode, and skid plates.

Adding the $1,695 destination fee to the Lariat base price totals $47,455. With no money down, financing for 60 months at 3% interest works out to $853. See 2022 Ford F-150 Lariat models for sale

2022 Ford F-150 Lariat includes:

  • 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6 – This EcoBoost engine delivers 325 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque.
  • Box Link – Consisting of four reinforced side-wall plates with removable cleats, this system increases the cargo-box tie-downs to eight.
  • Power-adjustable pedals – Engineered to help you find exactly the ideal driving position, they adjust to move closer or farther away.

2022 Ford F-150 Tremor (starting at $49,855)

2022 Ford F-150 Tremor Off-Roading in Silver
The 2022 Ford F-150 Tremor starts at $49,855.

Ford only offers Tremor with 4WD. SuperCrew is the only cab configuration for Tremor and all the trim levels above it.

This is Raptorlike off-road capability for thousands less. It doesn’t provide Raptor’s off-road trail racing capability but can conquer pretty much the same terrain as Raptor.

It has added ground clearance, increased suspension travel, and better approach, break-over, and departure angles than all of its stablemates other than Raptor.

In most respects, Tremor builds on the XLT trim level. It loses most of what Lariat gains. However, it does retain the Class IV trailer hitch. One significant XLT standard feature Tremor also loses is Co-Pilot360 2.0.

Tremor gains 18-inch dark aluminum wheels, front bucket seats, a center console with a shift lever, and a heavy-duty jack.

Also included are running boards, body-colored bumpers, a unique hood, and a unique grille.

Many of the features Tremor adds are off-road performance specific. For example, 4WD, all-terrain tires, skid plates, and beefed-up suspension elements, including shock absorbers. An electronic-locking rear differential and hill-descent control are also standard.

You can add back Co-Pilot360 2.0 for $655. Or, go big and include Active Park Assist with Co-Pilot360 2.0 for $1,595. With the push of a button, the vehicle can parallel park or back into a perpendicular spot on its own.

Adding the $1,695 destination fee to the Tremor base price brings the total to $51,550. With no money down for 60 months at 3% interest, financing works out to $926 per month. See 2022 Ford F-150 Tremor models for sale

2022 Ford F-150 Tremor includes:

  • 3.5-liter V6 – This EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 produces 400 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. It’s mated to the 10-speed transmission turning all four wheels (4WD).
  • Skid plates – Included are skid plates protecting the fuel tank, transfer case, and front differential.
  • Electronic locking rear differential – This locks the two rear wheels together. Therefore, they rotate at exactly the same speed, improving traction at low speeds.

2022 Ford F-150 King Ranch (starting at $56,230)

2022 Ford F-150 King Ranch interior.
The 2022 Ford F-150 King Ranch starts at $56,230.

The standard engine in King Ranch is the 400-hp 5.0-liter V8.

King Ranch builds on the Lariat. It adds step bars, a 400-watt outlet, accent-colored bumpers, adaptive LED projector headlights, and two-tone exterior paint treatment.

Also included are 18-inch King Ranch aluminum wheels, rain-sensing wipers, a power-adjustable steering wheel, a Homelink transceiver, and wireless phone charging.

A stowable floor shifter, genuine wood interior accents, an 8-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system, navigation, and King Ranch leather-trimmed seats are also standard.

The other standard content is front bucket seats, rear heated seats, an integrated trailer brake controller, Intersection Assist, and Co-Pilot360 Assist 2.0.

King Ranch also gains adaptive cruise control.

Investing another $4,695 will get you the 601A High Equipment Group. It contains a power tailgate, massaging front seats, power deployable running boards, an 18-speaker B&O audio system, and 20-inch King Ranch aluminum wheels.

The Tow Technology Package ($880) adds Pro Trailer Backup Assist, a surround-view camera, and the Smart Trailer Tow Connector.

Adding the $1,695 destination fee to the King Ranch base price brings the total to $57,927. Financing with no money down for 60 months at 3% interest costs $1,041 per month. See 2022 Ford F-150 King Ranch models for sale

2022 Ford F-150 King Ranch includes:

  • Stowable floor shifter – Creating a flat workstation, the center-console-mounted shift lever drops into its storage space in the console with the push of a button.
  • Co-Pilot360 Assist 2.0 – This semi-autonomous-driving version of Co-Pilot360 2.0 helps the driver accelerate, steer, and brake the vehicle.
  • Intersection Assist – This crash-avoidance technology detects on-coming traffic when making a left-hand turn using the forward-pointed camera and radar sensors. It then warns the driver and will even brake the vehicle.

2022 Ford F-150 Platinum (starting at $59,010)

Platinum adds 20-in. aluminum wheels, power deployable running boards, chrome exterior trim, a black leather-wrapped steering wheel, and massaging front seats.

For $3,670, you can opt for the 701A High Equipment Package. It contains the power tailgate, the 18-speaker B&O audio system, the Tow Technology Package, a surround-view camera, and more.

You can add the surround-view camera by itself for $765. The FX4 Off-Road Package is also available.

Adding the $1,695 destination fee to the Platinum base price totals $60,705. Financing with no money down for 60 months at 3% interest works out to $1,091 per month. See 2022 Ford F-150 Platinum models for sale

2022 Ford F-150 Platinum includes:

  • Power deployable running boards – These can be set to automatically deploy when you open a door and automatically retract when you close it.
  • Massaging front seats – When engaged, a roller moves up and down the lower seatback, massaging your lumbar area.
  • Chrome exterior trim – Outboard mirror backs, door handles, and so forth are chrome.

2022 Ford F-150 Raptor (starting at $64,495)

Raptor is the whole package of performance and off-road capability.

It sources its thrust from the 450-hp HO 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 EcoBoost engine. 4WD is standard.

Building on Platinum, Raptor mostly adds off-road equipment. Think of it as Tremor on steroids.

Like Tremor, it boasts added ground clearance, increased suspension travel, and better approach, break-over, and departure angles.

It also comes with driver-selectable drive modes: Normal, ECO, Sport, Tow/Haul, Slippery, Deep Snow/Sand, Mud/Rut, Off-Road, Baja, and Rock Crawl.

It does lose a few Platinum features. Among them are adaptive headlights, LED fog lights, power-deployable running boards, 20-inch aluminum wheels, and the power-adjustable steering wheel.

The navigation system, massaging seats, Co-Pilot360 Assist 2.0, and the B&O audio system are also deleted.

The content includes cast-aluminum running boards, accent-color bumpers, a hood with air extractors, flared front fenders with air extractors, and integrated side marker lights.

Also included are 17-inch aluminum wheels, a Raptor grille, the Tremor skid plates, an engine skid plate, BFGoodrich all-terrain tires, and adaptive cruise control with Traffic Jam Assist.

The other content is a manual tilt-telescopic steering wheel, six upfitter switches, a leather-wrapped steering wheel with thumb pads, and Co-Pilot360 2.0.

Raptor gets a five-link rear suspension with Panhard rod, a long-travel suspension, Fox Racing Shox with Live Valve Technology, and an electronic-locking rear differential.

Still more off-road gear includes Trail Control with Trail 1-Pedal Drive, a Hi-Lock transfer case, paddle shifters, a 36-gallon fuel tank, and a throatier exhaust note.

Raptor 37 & Options

For a cool $7,500, you can opt for the Raptor 37 Performance Package. It wraps the Convenience, Torsen, and Tow Technology packages into one group. Not only do you get the 37-inch BF Goodrich all-terrain tires, but 17-in. bead-lock-capable wheels that lock them to the tires. The package also provides beefier shocks and Recaro seats.

At $795, the Convenience package includes the interior work surface and connected navigation.

The Torsen Package ($695) adds a 4.10 front axle with a Torsen differential.

The Tow Technology Package is detailed under King Ranch.

Adding the $1,695 destination fee to the Raptor base price brings the total to $66,190. With no money down, financing for 60 months at 3% interest works out to $1,189 per month. See 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor models for sale

2022 Ford F-150 Raptor includes:

  • Trail Control – This is basically off-roading cruise control. Its 1-Pedal Drive refers to using only the brake pedal to slow or speed up forward motion. Depressing the pedal slows movement while releasing it allows the vehicle to continue slowly.
  • Hi-Lock transfer case – This transfer case marries a clutch-based AWD mode with a mechanically linked 4WD one. The default mode depends on the driving mode you select. Picking Mud/Sand, Baja, or Rock Crawl modes, the default is the mechanically locked 4WD version.
  • Fox Racing Shox with Live Valve technology – These sealed 3.1-in bypass shocks use sensors to monitor steering input, acceleration, and more to anticipate what the appropriate valve setting should be. The onboard computer takes readings at a rate of up to 500 times per second.

2022 Ford F-150 Limited (starting at $73,455)

2022 Ford F-150 Front Left Side in Black
The 2022 Ford F-150 Limited starts at $73,455.

For the most part, the Limited builds on the Platinum. The bulk of the Raptor’s performance and off-road equipment disappears.

Also powering the Tremor, the 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 is the standard propulsion for Limited.

Limited adds 22-inch aluminum wheels, a power tailgate with remote release, onboard scales with Smart Hitch, a twin-panel moonroof, and the surround-view camera.

Adaptive steering, Pro Trailer Backup Assist, the 18-speaker B&O audio system, the Trailer Tow Package, and an adaptive suspension are also standard.

Pony up an extra $390 for the in-vehicle safe and $165 for the interior work surface.

For $340, gain a great place to nap with the Max Recline front seats.

Adding the $1,695 destination fee to the Limited base price equals $75,150. Financing with no money down for 60 months at 3% interest works out to a monthly payment of $1,350. See 2022 Ford F-150 Limited models for sale

2022 Ford F-150 Limited includes:

  • Smart Hitch – Paired with on-board scales, this hitch measures trailer weight at the tongue. This allows drivers to redistribute the trailer load for optimum performance.
  • Adaptive steering – This reduces steering effort at low speeds.
  • Pro Trailer Backup Assist – Simply by turning a knob to the left or right, the truck will handle backing the trailer in the direction you want it to go.


What is the best 2022 Ford F-150 Trim?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a truck, but the XLT trim delivers a lot of bang for the buck. If you have extra room in your budget, the Lariat model adds more premium features without breaking the bank.

How many mpg does the 2022 Ford F-150 get?

The most efficient engine in the F-150 is the PowerBoost hybrid V6 which returns up to 23 city/23 highway mpg. The 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 gets up to 20 city/26 highway mpg, the base 3.3-liter V6 gets up to 19 city/24 highway mpg, the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 gets up to 18 city/24 highway mpg, and the V8 gets up to 17 city/24 highway mpg. The Tremor trim only gets up to 16 city/20 highway mpg and the most efficient Raptor model gets up to 15 city/18 highway mpg.

Which 2022 Ford F-150 trim level offers the most safety?

The Ford F-150 is an IIHS Top Safety Pick and it gets a 5-star overall safety rating from the NHTSA. This truck is safer when equipped with the optional Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist 2.0 package and the available LED headlights.

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  1. I have purchased an XLT, Lariat and two Platinums. I believe that it depends on your intended use of the truck. I tow my camper with my truck and it is my daily driver, more so the latter. The Lariat or Platinum fit that nicely. In 2022, the interior had to do with my choice as well. I really like tan interiors and the Carmello spoke to me in the Platinum. I am not much for the Swirly cowboy theme and two-tone King Ranch. The Limited is all features standard and there are things I do not want plus it has the lowest payload. It is the occasional Home Depot runner IMO. I need payload and don’t want an enormous sunroof (had it twice) so it leads me right back to the Platinum or Lariat Luxury 502A. Platinum this time around and hybrid too!

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