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While Lamborghini continues to make some of the finest high-end supercars in the business, it’s not just in the sports car game anymore. Lambo recently came out with a new SUV in the form of the Urus which truly is the Lamborghini of SUVs in terms of styling, luxury, and performance. The V10-powered Huracan and the more insane V12 Aventador are a dynamic duo of exotic sports cars that are formidable beasts both on the road and the track, especially in their Performante and SVJ variants. If you want to be seen and heard by everyone you drive by, there are few better ways to get noticed than behind the wheel of a Lamborghini.

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2019 Lamborghini Cars
2018 Lamborghini Cars
2018 Huracan
13 - 14 MPG City / 19 - 21 MPG Hwy
$199,800 - $274,390
Past Lamborghini Models
2017 Aventador
10 - 11 MPG City / 16 - 18 MPG Hwy
$399,500 - $535,500
2014 Gallardo
12 - 14 MPG City / 20 MPG Hwy
$181,900 - $259,100

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