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Travelers know it as an enduring symbol of London, on par with the Double-Decker Bus, the red telephone booth, and even Big Ben. Now, you can be one of the only Americans to own the world-famous London Taxi.

The 2004 London Taxi in question is located in Las Vegas, where it served as an actual Las Vegas taxi, racking up nearly 100,000 miles over the last six years. Powered by a Ford diesel engine, the taxi has an automatic transmission and seats six.

It's officially known as the LTI TXII, designating the London Taxi International's second-generation taxi. The original LTI taxi debuted in 1997, replacing the iconic Austin FX4, which had been London's taxi with minimal updates since 1958.

Recognizing the marketing potential of the classic design, LTI manufactured left-hand-drive versions of the taxi from 2003 to 2009, ultimately selling around 250 in the United States. Other than the "American" steering configuration, this TXII is unchanged from the British version, and even features a drop-down wheelchair ramp.

You may know London taxis from various television appearances, including the ABC show "Supernanny" as the vehicle that chauffeurs nanny Jo Frost. Other movies that featured these cabs include scenes in "Love Actually," "Closer," "The Parent Trap," and "Stephen Fry in America," a PBS documentary where British actor and director Stephen Fry takes a London taxi on a journey throughout the United States. Fry is notable for his admiration of the taxi, and uses one as his personal car.

An icon in London, the famous black London taxi is sure to stand out in the United States. And since you'll probably never be able to bring home a Double-Decker bus, this London taxi may be your chance to put an authentic piece of London in your driveway.

Watch this YouTube video of Stephen Fry driving his own London Taxi across America.

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