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Concept cars are always a big draw at the Detroit Auto Show, and this year was no exception as Toyota unveiled the stunning FT-1 Concept. The FT stands for "Future Toyota," and this prototype is obviously looking to set new standards on and off the race track.

Exterior & Interior Styling

The eye-catching Toyota FT-1 Concept builds on the brand's successful sports car track record, dating back to the Celica, Supra and MR2. Toyota's new design language is written all over the FT-1's exterior. The sculptural low profile is punctuated with ducts and vents, reminding us that performance is at the core of this car. At higher speeds, a retractable rear wing deploys to create additional down force and, let's face it, some serious wow factor.

The FT-1's design also places the cockpit farther into the wheelbase, improving overall weight distribution and contributing to its classic sports car proportions. 

Safety & Tech

The cockpit's wraparound windshield and side glass openings are designed for high visibility, putting the driver in total control, while a color head-up display projects vital info just above the steering wheel, within the driver's line of sight.

You can test-drive the FT-1 right now -- but only on your Sony Playstation! Toyota's design team created the FT-1 exclusively in the "Gran Turismo" game environment so enthusiasts could experience the excitement for themselves.

If the Toyota FT-1 Concept is a glimpse into the automaker's more performance-focused mindset and the future of sports cars, well, we like it ... a lot.

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