2011 Ford Fiesta - Video Transcript

April: Hi, I'm April Soderstrom.

Darren: And I'm Darren Contini. You've selected AutoTrader's new car review on the 2011 Ford Fiesta.

When you think of an economical subcompact car, what comes to mind? For most folks it would be a small car with a small engine and little else. But that's all about to change with the all-new 2011 Ford Fiesta. This 5-passenger subcompact represents a game-changer for Ford and perhaps for small cars in America.

April: So what makes the Fiesta so special for the American market?

Darren: For starters, the fact is that it's not just another American car… Or at least it didn't start life as one. The Fiesta has been a best seller in Europe for a while now offering drivers nimble, versatile and economical transportation. That experience has really helped in creating a car that also works well here.

Just like in Europe, Ford has found that even though buyers could afford a larger car, they are opting for the smaller car with more features but lower operating costs.

April: This is a very sharp interior. Nice ambient lighting! All the materials seem to be good quality… And the center console design is something else.

Darren: In that center stack you'll find a lot of great technology. Ford's SYNC system, which was developed with Microsoft, allows a web-enabled smartphone to connect to SYNC and play an online streaming radio station right into the stereo. What's really cool is that it's all done with voice control. Check this out...

April: Wow that's pretty wild! Can it do anything else?

Darren: It also provides turn-by-turn navigation, and real-time traffic updates.

April: Nice! Can I take it for a drive?

Darren: Absolutely!

April: OK, so small car usually means not much fun in terms of driving, but this feels pretty fun.

Darren: The Fiesta runs a 1.6-liter inline-4, putting out 120 horsepower and 112 pound feet of torque. The Fiesta is peppy for a small car, but not overpowering. On the other hand, you can't argue with the fuel economy.

April: I looked up the EPA fuel economy numbers. It gets close to 30 miles per gallon city and as much as 40 on the highway, that's pretty good!

Darren: It gets those numbers with the help of a 6-speed semi-automatic transmission, which is actually just a manual transmission with no clutch pedal. There's also a 5-speed manual available, but it's that 6-speed semi-auto that will give you the best mileage.

April: OK. So how does the Fiesta stack up against the competition?

Darren: Up until now, the class-leader has been the Honda Fit, which starts at around $15,000. It has a smaller engine, and only gets 33 miles to the gallon on the highway.

Also out there is the Toyota Yaris. It gets 29 city and 35 highway, and starts at just under $13,000.

April: Small car buyers have a lot of choices. How much is the Fiesta going to run?

Darren: With the Fiesta, you get a lot for your money. The base sedan version of the 2011 Fiesta starts at $13,320, the hatchback starts at $15,120, while the range-topping SES starts at $17,120.

Darren: Now that we know the numbers, what's your take on the Fiesta?

April: The Fiesta uses high quality materials, it's roomy for a small car, and Ford's SYNC system can't be beat.

April: I'd go with the hatchback model with the 6-speed semi-automatic transmission. It offers the most in terms of practicality, versatility, and the best fuel economy numbers. Whatever interior goodies are added is up to the buyer, but I love the SYNC and Sound package.

Darren: Well, there you have it! The 2011 Ford Fiesta…a proven small car that's big on high tech features. I'm Darren Contini.

April: And I'm April Soderstrom. Thanks for shopping for your next vehicle right here on AutoTrader, the ultimate automotive marketplace.

Recommended Options:
- Makes hands free calls
- Controls music with voice commands
- Audible Text Messages

1.6L I4: 120 hp
6-Spd Man MPG: 28/37
6-Spd Auto MPG: 29/38
6-Spd Auto (SFE) MPG: 29/40

Sedan (base) S: $13,320
Hatchback SH: $15,120
Sedan SEL: $16,320
Hatchback SES: $17,120

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