With a recent announcement that the TrailBlazer's platform mate, the Colorado pickup, will once again be sold in the US, speculation surrounds Chevrolet's domestic plans for the TrailBlazer mid-size SUV. Chevy provided no further clarification on when a US-spec TrailBlazer might arrive, but released a few details about the vehicle that bowed out of the US market two years ago. Chevy says the TrailBlazer will go on sale in markets outside the US next year. The company provided a teaser photo of the SUV's taut new sheetmetal and announced plans to unveil the vehicle at an upcoming auto show.

The single photo released by Chevy hints at a significant departure from the earlier model's truck-like styling. By 2009, the last model year of the previous generation, the TrailBlazer appeared dated compared to the competition, which largely adopted a softer, more car-like look. The photo of the 2013 model shows a rear three-quarter view of the vehicle's curvy, crossover-like design, with sleek new tail lights, chrome window trim and handsomely flared fenders.

While the TrailBlazer looks more like its crossover competition, Chevy says it will retain the hauling and towing capability that made the earlier generation a popular choice. The company claims the TrailBlazer will meet drivers' more rugged demands while offering the composed ride and higher efficiency of a crossover.

Chevy will unveil the 2013 TrailBlazer next month at the Dubai International Motor Show.

With the Colorado slated for US sale, logic suggests that a new-generation domestic TrailBlazer would fit GM's production capabilities and give American car shoppers a choice that falls between the compact Equinox and the larger Traverse. But until it premiers next month, Chevy's brief announcement and teaser photo tell us all we know about the 2013 Trailblazer.

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Nick Palermo is an automotive writer and lifelong car nut. He follows new and late-model used vehicles for AutoTrader.com, writes about vintage cars for Hemmings Classic Wheels and blogs on all things automotive at LivingVroom. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and twins.

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