• Nissan celebrated the anniversary by expanding the hatchback's availability, releasing new statistics and revealing a new commercial for the fully-electric Leaf.
  • According to Nissan, more than 20,000 customers have purchased a Leaf since its global debut.
  • Nissan says customers in seven new US states can now place an order for the hatchback.


This December 11 marks one year since Nissan's revolutionary Leaf went on sale in the United States, and the automaker is celebrating the anniversary by releasing a new commercial, announcing the Leaf's availability in seven new states and publishing several interesting statistics about the fully-electric hatchback.

For most potential Leaf customers, expanded availability is the best way Nissan is celebrating the hatchback's one year anniversary. The automaker recently announced customers in Delaware, Indiana, Louisiana, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island can now begin placing orders for the 2012 Leaf, which includes additional standard equipment like quick charging and cold weather features. Nissan says customers in the Leaf's new markets who submit orders quickly will likely take delivery by spring 2012.

The automaker also published several interesting statistics about the Leaf which were culled from the hatchback's actual driver data information. According to Nissan, the fully-electric hatchback reduced worldwide carbon dioxide emissions by a staggering 7,300 tons since its introduction thanks to a global total of more than 35 million miles driven and more than 20,000 worldwide sales. Nissan also says the hatchback's average daily usage is between 30 and 40 miles, while an average drive is between five and 10 miles.

Nissan also celebrated the Leaf's first anniversary in the US with a charming new commercial. Officially dubbed "Singing Sockets," the new ad journeys into a home where several different electrical outlets sing "happy birthday" to the all-electric hatchback. The 30-second spot even assigns a fitting voice to each electrical socket, with brightly-colored outlets in kids' rooms singing with a young voice and metallic sockets in the home's garage using a more gruff tone.

Nearly half of Nissan's 20,000 global Leaf sales have come from US customers. So far this year, the automaker sold more than 8,000 units of the electric car in the United States, easily topping the 5,000 sales of its biggest rival, the Chevrolet Volt. While the Volt offers a plug-in drivetrain with a range extending gasoline engine, the Leaf utilizes a fully electric powerplant which can be recharged in 20 hours using a standard outlet, seven hours with 240-volt power, or just 30 minutes with an optional quick charging station.

What it means to you:

After one year and more than 8,000 sales, it's clear America is embracing EV technology.

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