For automakers, it's a dash to, well, the dashboard to see who can unveil the hottest apps to tech-loving drivers. So it's no shocker Honda is hooking up its drivers with HondaLink -- its revamped infotainment system that lets you access your digital stuff without fiddling with your smartphone.

Those in the market for a 2013 Accord will love jamming to tons of audio content, from NPR to SiriusXM Radio, thanks to the system's partnership with web-based Aha Radio.

Drivers get radio, news, podcasts and even audiobooks via Aha's cloud-based app and through your vehicle's audio system. Having the content in the cloud translates to scores of content immediately available to you on-demand and on the fly.

You control Aha's content through two touchscreens that work together: an 8-inch screen mounted on the center of the dash and a 6-in one a bit lower. When the larger screen is being used to find the nearest gas station, for example, you can use the petite screen to fire up your favorite play list.

Honda has made it simple to set up. Simply download the app, choose your favorite stations, plug in and hit the road. Hit the Hungry tab to have Yelp look for local restaurants, or select the coffee cup icon to find a place to grab a cup to go.

Those clambering to check social media can, thankfully, rely on HondaLink to convert Facebook status updates and Twitter feeds to speech so you can safely listen to updates while you drive. And if that new mystery novel is too riveting to put down, Aha will read it to you.

The system is featured in the following 2013 Accord models: EX, EX-L, EX-L NAVI and Touring. It's not compatible with the Fit EV.

If you're in the market for an electric car, the EV App may sway you to go the Honda route. It allows you to interact with your vehicle anywhere you can use your smartphone, such as setting a recurring time for your vehicle to automatically charge or pre-cool or locating nearby charging stations and Honda EV dealerships. Want notification when the vehicle charge is complete? It can do that, too. And, like most infotainment systems, it features the ability to call roadside assistance in a flash.

Getting "linked" has never been so simple.

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Lindsay Martell has covered entertainment news for E! Entertainment and tech trends for TechTV, CNBC, Newsfactor, and Sci-Tech Today, among others. She lives in Oakland, California.

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