Big SUVs such as the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe and its long-wheelbase counterpart, the 2015 Chevrolet Suburban, are usually purchased more for their utility than their style -- after all, they're called sport utility vehicles, not style utility vehicles. Still, today's big 'utes give designers a lot of real estate to work with, so why not make it stylish? Chevy seems to agree, and has given us the sexy new Tahoe and Suburban for 2015. 

Width-Accentuating Front Mask

Zorro, is that you? The Tahoe's darkened headlamp trim flanks Chevrolet's wide-set chrome grille and sweeps into the front fenders, creating a masklike effect. The lights themselves are stacked, high-intensity discharge bulbs with LED daytime running lamps included on the uplevel LTZ model. Below the bumper is another darkened horizontal section with fog lights positioned way out on either side. All this was done to accentuate the Tahoe's width, conveying a powerful sense of presence. 

Inlaid Doors

Clean design features such as inlaid doors that fit into the body side openings instead of over the top of the body not only contribute to the Tahoe's good looks but also make the interior cabin more quiet.

Aerodynamic Tail

Something most people (who aren't aerodynamicists) don't know is that the design of the back of a vehicle is just as important as the front. Keeping the air moving properly in an organized fashion just behind the vehicle allows it to slip away from a turbulent area of low pressure that can literally suck a vehicle backward. The edges of the Tahoe's taillamps and rear side windows are clean, sharp lines, which help keep the air from curling around the rear surface of the car, while a cantilevered spoiler above the rear window does the same trick for the roof and provides a place for the rear wiper to tuck away while not in use. 

Rich Materials, Bold Interior Colors

Customer focus groups prompted Chevrolet to step it up inside the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban. And step it up it did, with a modern, well-organized interior design with big, clear banks of knobs, a prominent iPad-sized center screen for the infotainment system and rich materials, including optional top-stitched high-grade leather and genuine brushed aluminum. The available color schemes go far beyond the usual grays and blacks so common in trucks and include rich reds and earthy browns, should you dare to be different. 

Wrist-Watch-Inspired Gauges

The six dial-type gauges within the Tahoe's instrument cluster were inspired by wrist watches and display speed, engine revs, fuel level, oil temperature, coolant temperature and battery level -- but, ironically, not the time. The clock is in the infotainment screen.

Storage, Storage Everywhere

What's the point of an SUV if you can't put tons of stuff in it, right? Well, the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban feature numerous clever storage solutions inside their huge cabins, including an umbrella cubbie underneath the front-door armrests and a brilliant, dividable underfloor storage area behind the Suburban's third-row seats.

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