Getting a celebrity to drive your car can be a great publicity move. Car companies often hand over the keys in the hopes that their new car could get a publicity boost like what Magnum P.I. did for the Ferrari 308, like what Herbie did for the Volkswagen Beetle or like Batman did for...bat-cars.

But why settled for just use one celebrity when you could hedge your bets and use several?

For sale right now on is a 2010 Lotus Evora that has been driven by 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin and was used in the making of the TV show Desperate Housewives.

According to David Bruski, who works for the dealer who is selling the Evora, the car was lent to the Baldwin brothers, specifically two-time Emmy award winner Alec Baldwin, during the LA Auto Show last year. The plan was to drum up publicity for the new Lotus GT car while promoting the Baldwins' charity, the Carol M. Baldwin Foundation for breast cancer research.

But this car's 15 minutes of fame hadn't passed yet. The car went for an extended test drive in the hit TV show Desperate Housewives. In the show, the British sports car was even part of one housewife's plan to manipulate her husband.

This particular model comes with a traditional manual gearbox, and a heavily tuned version of the 3.5-liter V6 found in the Toyota Camry. While that might not sound that exciting, Lotus has modified the engine to put down 276 horsepower, rocketing the car from 0-60 MPH in under five seconds.

Brand new, a base Evora sells for nearly $65,000. But since this car put on about 5,500 miles shuttling around actors, the dealer is asking $62,950 for it, which compares decently to comparable Evoras on the market.


See the ad. View the archived copy after it sells.

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J. Mark Sternberg is an automotive journalist, car enthusiast and writer with a degree from the University of Arizona. Mark is a devoted Formula 1 fan and also enjoys boating, flying and attending the occasional track day.

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