• Special edition adds supercharger & other upgrades
  • Asking price is $14,900; more with warranty
  • SUV offers several upgrades over regular Tahoe

In the world of full-size SUVs, there aren't many options for drivers interested in an exclusive ride that stands out from the norm. But the rare 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe Joe Gibbs Performance version is just that thanks to a high-end interior, an upgraded engine and--most importantly--an endorsement from the famed football coach and racing team owner. If that sounds appealing, you're in luck, as one of the limited-edition SUVs is currently for sale on AutoTrader.com in Lawrenceville, Ga., for $14,900.

According to Ben, the Tahoe's owner, the SUV features a long list of upgrades over the standard 2004 Tahoe. Most importantly, says Ben, the Joe Gibbs Performance Tahoe boasts a Magnusson supercharger mated to its 5.3-liter pushrod V8, which increases the truck's power to around 350 horses and tremendously improves its acceleration. The truck also uses a Corsa exhaust that gives it a welcome rumble, whether it's sitting at a stop light or accelerating hard.

The Joe Gibbs Performance Tahoe also touts several stylistic upgrades over the typical full-size SUV. Inside, the most noticeable feature is leather upholstery with suede seat inserts that offer enhanced comfort for all three rows of seating. Other interior upgrades include gauges for the air-fuel ratio and boost to help drivers gain the best performance from the SUV's sporty engine. On the outside, the Tahoe is lowered by two inches and includes smooth black bumpers, each designed to give it a sleek, stealthy appearance. But Ben's Tahoe offers even more than the typical improvements.

"This is probably the nicest Joe Gibbs Tahoe, mechanically," said Ben, who noted that he recently purchased new tires for the SUV. "I also just put a new transmission in it six months ago at the Chevy dealer, and it comes with a full warranty for the entire powertrain good until December 2014. And I had them put in a new power steering pump and new shocks designed just for the Joe Gibbs model, because I wanted it perfect when I sold it."

Ben says he also has the SUV's original certificate of authenticity, which verifies its status as number 22 of just 40 Joe Gibbs Performance models manufactured in total. The certificate also shows the Tahoe's complete upgrade list and its sticker price of more than $60,000 out the door: around $40,000 for the Tahoe and a whopping $18,500 for the Joe Gibbs Performance package.

Despite its price premium, racing fans -- and football fans -- will appreciate the notoriety that comes with the Tahoe's Joe Gibbs package. That's because Gibbs won three NASCAR championships with his race team, Joe Gibbs Racing, and another three Super Bowls as the head coach of the Washington Redskins. In recent years, Gibbs retired from coaching and maintains a less active role in NASCAR, but his winning celebrity status will likely make this Tahoe turn heads for years to come.

What it means to you: If you're looking for a full-size SUV with character, check out this supercharged Joe Gibbs Performance Tahoe.

Looking for a Chevy Tahoe that will stand out from the full-size SUV crowd? Share your thoughts below.

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Jeffrey Archer is fortunate to have turned a passion for cars into a career. His wide-ranging automotive experience includes work for automakers and dealers in addition to covering the news. When not writing, he spends his time searching for unique cars on AutoTrader.com.

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