• Previews Cadillac's future cars and design philosophy
  • Designed to showcase top-of-the-line luxury

While the Cadillac Ciel has already been debuted at this year's Pebble Beach show, it seems everyone is bringing their convertibles along to the LA show this year, so Cadillac decided to bring the Ciel along, too. And with the debut of the XTS at the same show, it's an interesting study in what features and philosophies made it from this concept to the newest production.

Easiest to spot is both cars' displays of technology. Where the XTS has CUE, the Ciel shows off what technology can be utilized if money were no object. Each of the four bucket seats get their own connectivity options for all the necessary gadgets most people bring with them these days. And those in front get a trick inductive charging surface for plug-free charging.

For sheer opulence, each seat also gets pull-out blankets for cruising around with the top down, even on chilly evenings, and sunscreen is in a built-in drawer for warding off harmful UV rays.

Design-wise, the Ciel breaks from the famous Art & Science philosophy held around Cadillac's design center, providing more sweeping, organic shapes than cars like the new XTS. Perhaps that is due to the organic element behind the Ciel's name, which is French for "wind."

What it means to you: It would be very unlikely if this car makes it to production, especially in it's current opulent form. But it is a good study in what is to come from Cadillac, as was already proven today at the LA show.

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