2010 Smart Fortwo

Smart people do dumb things. That’s the theme of Smart USA’s holiday season giveaway. Addressing “the mindless consumption that plagues everyone during this time of year,” the tiny car company is holding a contest. The rules are easy- simply post a picture on Smart’s Facebook page of the dumbest purchase you’ve ever made. Get enough votes and you qualify for a brand new smart fortwo coupe.

What constitutes dumb? According to smart, dumb is everything from acquiring multiple remotes, eating anything bigger than your head, wasting money on a stupid sweater or acquiring a silly hotdog maker.

“When it comes to consuming, America has a fever of 101,” they note. So, besides buying a Smart car, what’s the answer? Buy what you need, borrow what you can and “put the junk out of our collective trunk.”

At last look, the site had 8,151 fans and a vast gallery of dumb pictorial entries. The photos range from Handerpants- tight white underwear for the hands (136 votes); a full-sized school bus; a clueless late-night e-bay purchase (7 votes); a mug sweater; a cozy for your coffee cup (6 votes); and a stupid bright red quesadilla maker (71 votes).

Are you ready to play it dumb? The contest is on until January 17, 2011. Submit your photos on Smart’s Facebook page.

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Holly Reich writes about cars, travel, lifestyle and more. Her work has been featured in publications that include: Elite Traveler, The New York Daily News, The Washington Post and The Boston Herald. She contributes monthly to Motor Matters syndicate and her blog, "Riffs on Rides," appears on uptownlife.net.

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