BMW’s M5 super sedan is poised to make a speedy comeback. The previous version was discontinued last July. While enthusiasts were mourning the loss of that car’s brawny V10 engine, BMW has been busy moving on with a new M5 concept car.

Set to make its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show later this month, the M5 Concept has already garnered some attention online, where BMW has released a few early photos and a one-minute teaser video. Although the German automaker is touting the car as a “concept,” we expect the production model to look very similar, just as the last-generation M5 closely followed the 2004 M5 Concept.

Other details on the new M5 are also surprisingly abundant. Gone, of course, is the prior model’s monstrous V10, made extinct by new fuel economy and emissions regulations. But it will be replaced by an even more powerful twin-turbo V8, which produces a thunderous 555-horsepower in BMW’s X6M high-performance SUV. Better yet, all that power will be wrangled through BMW’s ultra-quick, dual-clutch “DCT” transmission – although rumors of a manual version continue to persist, to the delight of driving purists.

Just like the previous model, the new M5 will also feature adaptive chassis control, with driver-selectable functions for “Comfort,” “Sport,” “Sport Plus,” and the all-out “M Driving Mode.” Driving dynamics will also be enhanced by an active rear differential, which transfers power to the outside wheels during turns to improve cornering.

Visually, the M5 Concept is set apart from the standard-issue 5-Series like most M cars are distinguished from their “civilian” counterparts: larger wheels, flared fenders, more aggressive front- and rear-end treatments, and a lowered suspension. On the inside, expect sport seats, a beefy steering wheel, and doses of carbon fiber peppered throughout.

Although BMW hasn’t released any more details, we won’t have to wait long to find out the rest, as the Shanghai Auto Show begins in less than two weeks. Until then, check out the video and get ready for the most powerful M5 yet.

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