Rolls Royce Silver Spur - Kia Soul Ad with Michelle Wie

It had one owner for more than 20 years, weighs in at around three tons, and was featured in a Kia commercial – but now this 1983 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur is for sale on

Purchased new in 1983, this Silver Spur has always been a Southern California car, and was maintained regularly by one immaculate owner for years. Thinking it would be a neat car to have – and noticing its fantastic condition – Fullerton, California resident Steve bought the Rolls about a year ago, giving the car limited use on weekends, in weddings, and even in a commercial for the recently-released Kia Soul.

"I was contacted to do the commercial through my ad on AutoTrader," said Steve, who requested that his last name not be used. The Silver Spur plays a supporting role in the ad, which features professional golfer Michelle Wie arriving in a Kia Soul to a golf course parking lot packed with "old" luxury cars like the Rolls. Wie gets out of the Soul and hits a monstrous tee shot, stunning the traditional golfers before the ad's tag line, "a new way to roll," appears on screen. But other than the ad shoot, Steve says he doesn't use the Rolls much.

"Sometimes I use it on weekends, and it's been used in weddings," said Steve, who noted that wedding use always came from "friends of mine who knew I had the car." But according to Steve, his infrequent use of the car isn't because of excessive ownership costs, noting that the car has actually been inexpensive to maintain and run.

"Surprisingly, a lot of parts are used on other cars," said Steve. "The transmission is from a GMC turbo, and the engine is designed to outlive the owner. The small stuff is what's most expensive."

Steve's asking price of $18,500 is about on par with other mid-1980s Silver Spurs, and something of a bargain considering its long one-owner provenance and tiny but interesting small-screen role. It's also a small fraction of the original sale price of what remains one of the smoothest-riding, most instantly recognizable cars on the road.

See the car for sale. View an archived copy after it sells.

Watch the Kia Soul commercial on YouTube – you can see the Soul drive by this Rolls at about the six second mark.

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