Jeff Zurschmeide

Jeff Zurschmeide is a freelance automotive journalist who lives in Tillamook, Oregon, at the confluence of great weather, nice roads, and public acceptance of maintaining a barn full of hopelessly shot old cars. Jeff is currently obsessed with his 1955 Willys M38A1 Jeep, which he enjoys driving off-road in the Tillamook National Forest and noodling around town, but his daily driver is a C-Class Mercedes-Benz, because fast, sexy, and comfortable never goes out of style. Additionally, Jeff is the author of nine books on automotive topics. Just search his name on Amazon and you'll find them.

Here’s What It’s Like to Drive the BMW M4 GT4 on a Race Track

Ever wonder what it's like to take the BMW M4 GT4 out on a race track? Here's what happened when we visited the BMW Performance Center.

A Brief History of Lamborghini

You already know the Countach, Aventador, and Urus, but Lamborghini's less-known history is as fascinating as its supercars.

A Brief History of McLaren

Few names in motorsports or street sports cars carry the same authority as McLaren, and with good reason.

What is AMG? The Origins of Mercedes’ Performance Wing

Ever wonder what AMG stands for, or the history of the Mercedes-Benz performance arm? Oversteer's Jeff Zurschmeide has the scoop.

A Brief History of the Nissan Skyline – the GT-R’s Immediate Ancestor

The Nissan GT-R's performance capabilities are world-renowned, but did you know about its roots in the JDM Nissan Skyline?

A Brief History of the Nissan GT-R

The Z-car line was not Nissan’s first nor its most powerful sports car. That honor always went to the GT-R.

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Mazda Recalls 2018 and 2019 Models to Fix Faulty Fuel Pump

Mazda says it plans to recall certain 2018 and 2019 models to address concerns about a faulty fuel pump.

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