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Auto Show:  2011 Consumer Electronics Show

General Motors EN-V Concept - 2011 Consumer Electronics Show

January 7, 2011

There are plenty of interesting cars and in-car tech at this year’s CES but one stands out more than the others. General Motors’ EN-V Concept is an electric personal transportation pod but it’s more than just an urban friendly, two seat EV. Early versions were shown at the China at the 2010 Expo Shanghi.

EN-V stands for Electric Networked Vehicle and the vehicle uses lots of GM technology that’s been developed for various uses over the past few years. OnStar driven, vehicle to vehicle communications means this electric transportation pod could automatically be routed around heavy traffic congestion. In fact, GM says the EN-V could use sensors developed in the 2007 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Urban Challenge Vehicle and essentially drive itself. In theory, the EN-V could detect other vehicles, obstacles and pedestrians to avoid crashes altogether. Its ultra-small footprint makes a vehicle like the EN-V perfect for large, crowded cities.

Another possible use is as a shared urban car. GM put it like this: “As part of a public sharing network, a user could summon an autonomous vehicle to his or her location using a Smartphone application and then sit back and relax while they are whisked off to a destination.”

Of course the EN-V is just a concept and will never really make to a public road but it does give an indication as to just how far GM might be willing to take their EV and OnStar technology.

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