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Mopar Hellephant HEMI Crate Engine: SEMA Show

Horsepower junkies will love the Mopar Hellephant HEMI crate engine that was revealed at this year’s SEMA Show. It’s the rebirth of the 426-cu in. V8, and like the Hellcrate engine unwrapped at last year’s SEMA Show, the Hellephant easily adapts to various older Chrysler models. For owners of Mopar muscle cars believing no amount of horsepower is too much, this new crate engine is going to be must have.

Since 1937, Mopar has provided original equipment manufactured (OEM) parts for vehicles falling under the Chrysler umbrella, and by extension, under today’s FCA. It has gained a reputation for not only fulfilling replacement-part needs, but engineering factory-designed components for customizing vehicles. The new Hellephant HEMI engine adds another blockbuster to Mopar’s customizing portfolio.

What Is It?

Available in the first quarter of 2019, the Mopar Hellephant HEMI crate engine is a 1,000-hp supercharged 426-cu in. HEMI V8 that makes 950 lb-ft of neck-snapping torque. It’s a first for an OEM. Boosting displacement with increased bore and stroke, the Hellephant HEMI also features a high-efficiency rotor in its enhanced supercharger and an all-aluminum block. It’s a nod to the 426 cu in. (7.0-liter) HEMI engine launched in 1964. The "Elephant" nickname came from its hefty size and powerful output.

Sporting the Hellephant logo, the crate engine includes several features, such as a flywheel and a supercharger with a throttle body, that enhance the engine’s capabilities. A separate installation kit provides everything needed for what Mopar refers to as "plug-and-play" installation in pre-1976 street or off-road Chrysler vehicles. Making it work in your vintage Mopar buggy will also require the crate engine’s Front End Accessory Drive (FEAD) Kit, including an alternator, a power-steering pump and a few other goodies. The Hellephant HEMI is designed to mate with a 6-speed manual SRT Hellcat transmission.

Where Can You See It?

To showcase the Hellephant HEMI engine, Mopar created its 1968 Super Charger Concept for this year’s SEMA Show. Using up-to-date elements from the current Dodge Charger SRT and Dodge Challenger SRT lineups, the metallic gray 1968 Super Charger Concept represents the target platform for the Hellephant HEMI.

A Hellcat like hood with a huge scoop covers the engine bay. Body-colored wheel flares widen the body, while the front wheels have been pushed forward two inches, increasing the wheelbase to 119 inches. Up front are 20×11-in stock Devil’s rims from the Hellcat with custom-made 20×11-in Devil’s rims in the rear. Brembo 6-piston grabbers provide stopping power. The body is lowered by 3.5 inches at the front and 2.5 inches at the rear. Custom fascia pieces trick out the front and rear views.

Inside, the front seats and steering wheel are from the Dodge Viper, albeit with some enhancements, like 4-point racing harnesses. Removing the rear seat makes room for a roll cage.

How Much?

Mopar has yet to announce pricing for the Hellephant crate engine and accompanying kits, but the 707-hp "Hellcrate" 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI V8 that Mopar introduced at last year’s SEMA Show retails for a cool $19,530. We expect the Hellephant HEMI to be north of that.

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