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Subaru Viziv Performance Concept: Tokyo Auto Show

What Is It?

The Subaru Viziv Performance Concept follows the well-trodden path of countless studies unveiled at car shows. It’s a sedan with a cool design, LED accents and some futuristic features like side cameras instead of door mirrors.

That said, the words “a sedan with a cool design” are hardly ever mentioned in the same context as a Subaru car, if at all. Styling has always seemed to be low on the company’s list of priorities. Luckily, it’s been of little to no importance for its plenty of loyal customers.

Things have changed here. The front end, although derivative of similar efforts from Audi and Mazda, at least shows some kind of flair. And the rear flanks have muscular lines to them.

Will They Ever Sell It?

We’re expecting a new generation of the Legacy midsize sedan to come along soon. So perhaps the Subaru Viziv Performance Concept points to that. Or maybe it hints at an upcoming high-performance STI version of the Impreza-based WRX anticipated in a couple of years.

Why It’s Important

Car shows need spectacle. And Subaru coming up with something so visually different from its previous output is spectacular. On a broader note, it means the company realizes the importance of design and that it needs a modernist look to complement the array of new technologies (like the advanced safety equipment that come with the company’s EyeSight system) this concept contains. Potential buyers can see and understand that the looks give strong hints as to what’s underneath.

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