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Deals on Trucks: February Edition

Consumers interested in a great deal on a new truck won’t be disappointed in February. Several automakers are offering incentives and special offers on pickups this month, ranging from low interest rates on brand new body styles to eye-popping cash back offers on last year’s model. We’ve rounded up some of the most impressive deals in order to help you pick the truck that’s best for your budget.

Chevrolet Avalanche

Chevrolet’s large four-door Avalanche pickup is available with several great offers for buyers who don’t need to have the latest model year. While the 2012 Avalanche can be had with 3.9 percent interest rates or $2,500 cash back, leftover 2011 models are available with zero percent interest or remarkable cash back offers of up to $4,000 – not a small figure considering the truck’s base price of less than $37,000 before destination. Best of all, the Avalanche gives buyers the convenience and passenger room of an SUV but the payload capacity of a large pickup.

Chevrolet Colorado

With the demise of the Ford Ranger, the Chevrolet Colorado remains one of the few midsize pickups left – and through the end of February, it’s available with some impressive special offers designed to boost sales. According to Chevrolet, all remaining 2011 models are available with zero percent interest for up to 72 months or cash back figures ranging from $1,500 for the regular cab model to $3,000 for the extended cab. The automaker is also offering great deals on its 2012 Colorado including 1.9 percent interest rates for up to 60 months or $2,000 cash back.

Ford F-150

It remains the most popular vehicle in America, and through the end of February, the Ford F-150 represents a great deal to buyers looking for a competent, durable large pickup. Buyers interested in purchasing a 2011 or 2012 F-150 can take up to $2,500 cash back, while customers looking to finance the truck can get interest rates as low as 2.9 percent for 36 months or 3.9 percent for 48 months. For truck shoppers who would rather have the heavy duty F-Series Super Duty, Ford is offering an even better 0.9 percent for 36 months on the larger pickup or cash back figures of up to $4,000.

GMC Sierra

The Sierra and its mechanically identical Chevrolet Silverado twin are available with several major special offers throughout February. According to GMC, leftover 2011 Sierra models are available to qualified buyers with zero percent interest for up to 72 m onths or $4,000 cash back. Chevrolet is willing to make the same deal on its leftover 2011 Silverado models, though the deal changes to 3.9 percent for up to 60 months or $2,000 cash back for buyers who must have a 2012 model instead of the virtually identical 2011 version. Although it may be tempting to score the new model year, we’d stick with a 2011 and reap the added savings.

Honda Ridgeline

For truck shoppers looking to finance their purchase, Honda’s car-like Ridgeline is available with a great offer throughout February. According to the automaker, qualified buyers interested in a remaining 2011 Ridgeline can get 0.9 percent interest for up to 60 months – a good deal on a dependable new Honda. A great choice for city-dwellers who want a truck for light-duty use but don’t want to sacrifice practicality, the Ridgeline features four full-size doors for easy entry and exit and impressive fuel economy of more than 20 miles per gallon on the highway.

Toyota Tundra

Whether you’re buying, leasing or financing, there’s a great deal available in February on a 2012 Toyota Tundra. Buyers looking to pay in full get the best deal, which is a $2,250 cash back offer on nearly all 2012 models. For truck shoppers interested in financing, Toyota is offering zero percent interest for a whopping 60 months – an offer unparalleled by domestic automakers on 2012 versions of their large trucks. Consumers looking to lease a 2012 Tundra will also get a great deal, with monthly payments starting at just $319 per month for 36 months plus $400 bonus cash after $2,999 at lease signing.

What it means to you: You should have no trouble finding a great pickup at a great price this February.

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