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Hatchback Deals: April 2013

Our latest list of incentives and special offers is a roundup of April deals on some of our favorite new hatchbacks. Shoppers interested in hatchback deals can find several good ones here, whether they’re looking to lease, finance or buy a new hatchback outright this month.

Ford Fiesta

The 2013 Ford Fiesta is a subcompact car offered as a 4-door sedan or 5-door hatchback. Many shoppers interested in the Fiesta hatchback can get a great deal in April, as Ford is offering incentives for cash buyers and finance customers. For shoppers interested in financing a Fiesta, Ford is offering interest rates starting at zero percent for up to 60 months, or 1.9 percent for 72 months. In addition to the low rates, finance shoppers can also take up to $500 cash back. And for cash buyers, Ford is offering up to $1,250 back plus an extra $500 back for shoppers currently leasing a competitive brand.

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Honda Fit

The 2013 Honda Fit is a 5-door hatchback that’s among Honda’s smallest U.S. models. Three offers are available in April. One is for qualified shoppers looking to finance the car. Through the end of the month, Honda is offering 0.9 percent interest on all Fit models for up to 60 months. The other two deals are lease offers. The first boasts payments starting at $169 per month for 36 months after $2,199 at lease signing. The next is a zero-down lease deal that’s also available with a 36-month term, though it bumps payments to $230 per month.

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Kia Forte

The 2013 Kia Forte is a compact car available as a sedan, 2-door Koup or 5-door hatchback. In April, it’s the 5-door hatchback model that offers the best deals. For qualified shoppers looking to finance a Forte, Kia is offering interest rates as low as 1.9 percent for up to 36 months. Better yet, that deal can also be combined with a cash offer of up to $1,000 back. Buyers paying with cash can get the same $1,000 back on the Forte 5-door as well. And through the end of the month, college students and graduates can take another $750 off the price of the Forte, for a total savings of nearly $2,000.

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The 2013 Mazda3 is a sporty compact car available in 4-door sedan or 5-door hatchback body styles. In April, it’s offered with two incentives. For buyers interested in financing the Mazda3 hatchback, Mazda is offering zero percent interest for up to 60 months. Those willing to consider a leftover 2012 model will see that offer rise to zero percent interest plus up to $500 cash back. For drivers who would rather lease a 5-door Mazda3, the brand is offering a 36-month term with payments starting at $199 per month after $1,999 at lease signing. Shoppers who don’t need hatchback practicality can get an even better deal on the Mazda3 sedan, as payments on the 4-door model start at just $149 per month for the same 36-month term.

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Scion xB

The xB is a boxy 5-door hatchback from Toyota‘s youth-oriented Scion brand. In April, it’s offered with two incentives. The first is a lease deal: Through the end of the month, shoppers can get a 2013 Scion xB for 36 months, with payments starting at $199 per month after $2,198 down at lease signing. Unfortunately, Scion isn’t offering any low-interest or cash-back deals in April. But it is touting a College Graduate Program, which provides $500 back to any buyer with a college degree who purchases a new Scion model. In addition to being available on the xB, that offer includes the tiny iQ and even the sporty new FR-S coupe.

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Volkswagen Golf

The 2013 Volkswagen Golf shares a platform with the compact Jetta, though it offers a hatchback instead of a trunk. In April, VW is offering a lease deal on the Golf. Through the end of the month, the 2013 Golf is available for 36 months with payments starting at $209 per month after $1,999 at lease signing. There’s also a lease deal available for drivers who would rather have a sporty GTI. Through April, shoppers can lease the 200-horsepower hatchback for $289 per month for 36 months after putting down $1,999 at lease signing.

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Volvo C30

The 2013 Volvo C30 is an upscale, sporty hatchback sold only as a 3-door. While it’s slated for cancellation later this year, it’s available in April with two good offers. The best deal is for shoppers looking to finance the C30, because it’s available with zero percent interest for up to 48 months. To enhance that offer, Volvo is also adding $1,000 cash back — a rare money back deal from an upscale brand. Shoppers looking to lease the C30 can get payments starting from $299 per month for 36 months, an offer that requires only $1,598 down at lease signing.

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What it means to you: If you’re looking for more cargo room than a sedan offers, a hatchback is a good choice. Our list of hatchback deals will help you get a good new model at a reasonable price.

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