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5 Brands That Could Use a Halo Car

The halo car is a fascinating concept that often actually works. The idea is to have one fantastic, almost mythical vehicle that serves as a “halo” that floats over the rest of the brand attracting people to the showroom. For example, you could go to an Acura dealer to see an NSX and end up leaving with a new TLX.

Nearly every automaker has a halo vehicle in one form or another. Chevrolet has the Corvette, Ford has the GT, Toyota has the Supra, and the list goes on. However, there are a few brands that have a pretty robust lineup but lack a halo car to really make the whole brand more interesting.

Here are five brands that I think could use a halo car.

Buick Avista


The closest thing Buick had to a halo car in recent history was an egg-shaped convertible called the Cascada — and it was just discontinued. The Cascada was a pretty lame halo car, so now it’s time for Buick to consider a new vehicle that makes the rest of the brand look good. Buick has a ton of heritage it can draw from — and it had the gorgeous Avista coupe concept it displayed back in 2016. Make a production version and call it the Riviera. Find a Buick for sale

Genesis Essentia


Genesis needs to worry about bringing a crossover to market more than anything else, but once that’s done, I think this fairly new luxury brand should really consider a halo vehicle. Remember the Genesis Essentia EV concept from 2018? That thing may have been a bit out there for anything quite like it to make it to production, but I think Genesis would do well to work that into a high-performance coupe to compete with the likes of the Lexus LCFind a Genesis for sale

GMC Sierra Denali 1500


One could argue that GMC is more different from Chevy now than it ever has been, but let’s face it: It’s still an entire brand built on badge engineering. However, it can work with that and use some platform sharing to create something unique to GMC. I strongly believe GMC should take the new Chevy Blazer platform, turbocharge it, and bring back the Typhoon. Otherwise, give the Ford Raptor the competition it desperately needs. Please, GMC, just give us something that we can’t get on the Chevy lot other than a cool tailgate that turns into steps. Find a GMC for sale

Hyundai Veloster N


Sure, the new Hyundai Veloster N is out and it’s awesome, but I think Hyundai can do better than that for a halo car. Case in point: Its corporate cousin Kia has not one, but two halo cars in the forms of the sporty Stinger and the weirdly luxurious K900. How cool would it be to have a Hyundai version of the Stinger? The reason it doesn’t is probably that it would make the Stinger less special, but I would like to see something a little more interesting in Hyundai’s lineup. It used to have the Genesis, but Genesis ran off and became its own brand. Find a Hyundai for sale

Infiniti Prototype 9


I’ve griped a bit in the past about the fact that it’s embarrassing that Infiniti doesn’t currently have an electric car in its lineup and I maintain that gripe today. Infiniti has come out with so many cool concepts in recent years like the Prototype 9 retro race car and the QX Inspiration crossover and exactly zero of them have come to fruition. Infiniti could be a leader in luxury EVs on the more affordable side, but instead, it’s one of the least interesting luxury brands today. Find an Infiniti for sale

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Eric Brandt
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