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Autotrader Find: Ex-NYC Taxi 2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid

If you’re looking for an ultra-high mileage Toyota Camry that’s had a rough life, this particular Camry Hybrid might just be the one. That’s because this 2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid was previously a New York City taxi cab — and it’s currently offered for sale, still painted in the NYC taxi yellow-orange.

Here’s the backstory: a few years ago, New York City made a big push for all new taxi models to be hybrid-powered, which has effectively eliminated the Ford Crown Victoria from taxi service in the city. Taxi drivers didn’t necessarily embrace hybrids openly, but many did happily make the switch — a switch made more tenable by low fuel costs and better-than-expected reliability.

This is one of those "new" hybrid taxi models, and it’s certainly lived quite a life in New York City. It’s a 2011 Camry Hybrid, and it’s traveled 431,000 miles — a massive number by many standards, but surprisingly tame by New York City taxi retirement standards, as many go well above 500,000 miles and beyond. This Camry Hybrid is offered by CarNYC, a company that seems to primarily resell New York City taxis — and it’s still wearing its NYC taxi colors and even some remnants of the giant decals that NYC taxi models display.

If you’re interested in a former New York City taxi, this Camry Hybrid is offered for $2,900, and I have no idea if that’s a good price or not, as there aren’t many comparable listings for 400,000-mile-plus Camry Hybrid models. The ad does note this Camry drives well with "no mechanical issues," so it seems you could use it to live out your own taxi driver fantasies. Find a Toyota Camry Hybrid for sale

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  1. Would be a fun Uber or Lyft vehicle and you could discuss the provenance with your passengers! You could even add some decals of your own, As it’s a Toyota it will likely last many more miles.

  2. It could either be a great buy, or a terrible buy, with no in between. It depends on the battery pack. With 431k miles, its either just had a 3rd battery pack replacement, or is on its 2nd, which will need replaced very soon.
    Side note: By July or August this year, the only way to ride in the back seat of a Crown Victoria would be by getting arrested, as the NYC taxi’s are retired after 8 years. 

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