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Autotrader Find: One-Owner 1992 Geo Storm GSi

You probably remember the Geo brand for the tiny Metro and the Tracker convertible SUV, and for being launched then quickly shunned by General Motors after a few years with very little direction.

But do you remember the Geo Storm? See the 1992 Geo Storm models for sale near you

The Storm was Geo’s sports car, assuming you’re willing to use "sports car" in the loosest sense of the term; a sense that may also include cherry-picker trucks operated by the local power company. The Storm was really more of a front-wheel-drive hatchback with sporty styling, which made, at the very maximum, 140 horsepower.

What you have here, ladies and gentlemen, is the very maximum.

This is a 1992 Geo Storm GSi, which was the car’s top-end model, a model featuring a more aggressive front fascia than the normal Storm, a 5-speed manual transmission and, yes, 140 hp. This is, in effect, the ultimate Geo Storm. Now, it’s available from Red’s Auto and Truck in Longmont, Colorado, for a mere $2,999 with 107,000 one-owner miles.

Yes, that’s right, you could own the flagship model of an entire car brand for $2,999.

You’d be thrilled every day, because this Storm is in surprisingly nice shape. The interior looks great, the seats are nice and, aside from a noticeable dent on the driver’s side quarter panel, the exterior is in pretty good shape. It’s also spent its whole life in relatively rust-free Colorado, with its first few years in the high-altitude town of Grand Lake.

In other words, this is the Geo Storm you’ve been waiting for. Assuming, of course, that you’ve ever wanted a Geo Storm. Or that you even know what the Geo Storm is. Find a 1992 Geo Storm for sale

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  1. That is a pretty solid deal, I have heard the Storm GSi’s are quite a bit of fun. Just remember that even though it only has 140hp it doesn’t weigh a whole lot.

  2. I pulled the engine out of one of these and brought it in to my high school AP physics class for a project….that’s about as close as I’d want to get to one of these again…

  3. I had one and loved it. Got decent gas mileage, and felt quick. Literally drove it until a wheel fell off. I think it was a wheel bearing that failed, but the whole wheel brake drum and all passed me at an intersection.

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