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Autotrader Find: Porsche 918 Spyder With Just 31 Miles

Although the Porsche 918 Spyder is now officially out of production, you can still buy a new one. It’s listed at The Porsche Exchange near Chicago with just 31 miles and an asking price of just under $1.7 million — far more than the car’s original asking price, but much in line with its market value, which has shot up dramatically since it first went on sale.

This particular 918 Spyder is one of a few listed on Autotrader, but it’s the most expensive — and it’s certainly the closest one to being "new." Painted in Guards Red with a red interior, this 918 Spyder still looks completely untouched — just as its mileage would suggest. The Carfax report shows one owner who apparently took delivery in 2015 when the car already had 31 miles — and it appears to have moved sparingly since.

Why would someone buy a 918 Spyder and never drive it? Financial speculation is certainly one guess, as the car’s value has shot up since going on sale. The original base price was around $850,000 before options — and while some sold for $1 million or more, the current going rate for asking prices is about 50 percent above that. Additionally, 918 Spyder ownership gave Porsche customers access to a rare community where they could get priority build slots on low-production models — so some 918 Spyder owners purchased their 918 largely to receive that access.

Either way, one of the few "new" 918 Spyder models — and the only one currently on sale — can be yours right now. All you have to do is fork over $1.7 million. Find a Porsche 918 for sale

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