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Autotrader Find: Really Nice 2-Door 1994 Geo Tracker

Here’s a surprise: You can get a really nice 1994 Geo Tracker. This vehicle, which is currently listed for sale on Autotrader, is precisely that: a turquoise 1994 Geo Tracker convertible, with a brilliantly 1990s-style patterned interior, both in excellent condition.

We’ll start with a little overview of the Tracker. This was Geo’s tiny little SUV, and it was a twin of the Suzuki Sidekick, which was sold during the same time period. Geo, for those of you who don’t remember, was GM’s attempt at a new small car brand that was supposed to stand out from its regular small car offerings and bring in new buyers. The Tracker was one of the fun-loving young-people cars it offered for sale.

Now, the Tracker wasn’t tremendously popular, so there weren’t that many to begin with — and the ones that did exist weren’t typically well preserved, as they were cheap vehicles even by the standards of the 1990s. As a result, I’m surprised to see a Tracker like this in such nice shape.

This turquoise Tracker is offered by a private seller in Florida, and my favorite part is the interior: a 1990s color pattern that you just couldn’t get away with today. It also boasts a manual transmission and that wonderful teal exterior color, and it’s all just so wonderful to see in nice shape. Admittedly, this one isn’t some low-mileage garage queen, as it’s traveled around 164,000 miles from new — but it certainly is nicer than basically any other Tracker you’re likely to find.

If you’re interested, this Tracker can be yours for just $6,000. I have no idea if that’s big money, as I don’t follow the tracker market, but my guess is you’re unlikely to find one this nice anywhere else — so if you’ve always wanted a teal Tracker, this is your chance. Find a Geo Tracker for sale

Editor’s Note: This vehicle has sold since the article was originally written.

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  1. Very cute car. Kind of sad to think that cars could be fun and colorful. I say this as I look out at my pavement grey Santa Fe :/

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