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Autotrader Find: Wildly Modified 2015 Ford F-350

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you what I can only assume is the most wildly modified pickup truck on all of Autotrader: this 2015 Ford F-350 that was prepared for SEMA. It’s offered for $59,995 by Furrst Class Cars in Charlotte, and it’s one of the most striking builds I’ve ever seen.

I’ll start with the most obviously distinctive part, which would be the exterior modifications. Specifically, let’s talk about the windshield, which is covered by a piece that bisects it, giving the truck a "dual-windshield" appearance — and also the look of a pickup truck with eyebrows. More insane than the windshield piece are the fender flares, which are squared off, rather than rounded, to give the truck an especially unique appearance. They also stick out very far, to the point where they look like roofs over the (massive) tires.

The craziest part of the truck, however, is the front end. There are enormous headlights, enormous LED running lights, and a huge front grille with a massive piece around it. With all these changes, it’s almost difficult to tell exactly what truck is underneath this stuff.

And then there’s the interior. While this F-350 has a few neon green design touches on the exterior, it’s full of them on the inside — with neon green stitching and a host of neon green accessories on the dashboard. Between that and the bar bisecting the windshield, I suspect you’ll never forget, when you’re driving this truck … that you’re driving this truck.

Admittedly, it’s not that surprising to see all these modifications on a vehicle formerly shown at SEMA, since SEMA is known for this kind of build — but this is one of the most customized vehicles I’ve seen, even among the usual SEMA crowd. And now, if you really want, you can drive it around. Find a 2015 Ford F-350 for sale

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