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Lexus Once Had a “Pebble Beach Edition” Trim Level

Automakers have had a lot of interesting special edition trims over the years, and Lexus is no exception. One of their more recent offerings was the “Pebble Beach Edition” trim, which was first introduced in 2003 as a trim level on the much-maligned SC430 before being extended to the RX350, EX350 and LS600hL. Now, I know you’re wondering what those particular Lexus models have to do with the famous Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and the answer is this: Absolutely nothing. These editions are actually named after the resort and golf course that hosts the famous car show and have nothing to do with automotive excellence.

According to Lexus, the trim name was supposed to “evoke the feeling of exclusivity that comes with an excursion to the Pebble Beach Resorts,” as were the three exclusive metallic shades of brown, silver and black, the unique wheels, the floor mats with the Pebble Beach Logo and the unique interior colors. Additionally, customers could choose one of three interesting option packages to go along with the cars. One was the Callaway Golf Experience Package, which came with a set of clubs and personalized balls for you to deposit in your local water feature. There was also the Travel Package, which gave you a matching three-piece luggage set and sunglasses. And, finally, the Epicurean Package that gave you a $200 cooking class voucher, some wine from Napa, six knives and the choice of a 10-slot knife block or some pots and pans (you read that right — they didn’t give you enough knives to fill out your block). All of this added $3,880 to the price of your vehicle.

To retain exclusivity, the Pebble Beach trim was limited to a few hundred examples per year for each model, and it’s unlikely many third or fourth owners even have any idea their cars had any “special” significance, save for a “Pebble Beach Edition” badge on the outside. Hopefully, the original owners are still enjoying their golf clubs, luggage or knives.

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  1. You think its weird not because of the content but because Lexus did it. If Mercedes did the exact same thing you’ll have a completely opposite opinion.

  2. I don’t know why, but I always liked these types of packages. It makes the car just a little unique and typically they are fully loaded. Great used car finds!

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