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These Are the Highest Mileage Ferrari Models for Sale on Autotrader

Today, we’re taking a look at the highest-mileage used Ferrari models currently listed for sale on Autotrader. We’ve checked this out before, but it’s always a bit of a hoot to see these rare, expensive, high-performance exotic cars that people actually drive — a welcome departure from the norm, which is always-garaged, low-mileage examples. Here are five of the highest-mileage Ferrari models currently listed for sale on Autotrader.

1985 Ferrari 308 - 96,705 Miles

1985 Ferrari 308 – 96,705 Miles

This is the highest-mileage Ferrari currently listed for sale on Autotrader, and it’s pretty impressive. This 1985 Ferrari 308 GTS has traveled a whopping 96,705 miles from new — a figure that wouldn’t be noteworthy in most other 1980s cars, but is impressive in a Ferrari. This one is finished in black with a dark red interior, and it’s offered by BMW of Akron for $54,930.

2011 Ferrari California - 55,500 Miles

2011 Ferrari California – 55,500 Miles

Although this Ferrari California doesn’t have mileage that’s quite as high as the other cars on this list, it’s especially noteworthy because of its annual mileage figure — around 8,000 per year, which is basically “daily driver” status. That’s impressive, since not many people are willing to drive a Ferrari every day, risking their expensive car — and its resale value — in the process. This 2011 California is finished in red with a tan interior, and it’s offered by The Taverna Collection in Hollywood, Florida, for $82,500.

2005 Ferrari F430 - 76,980 Miles

2005 Ferrari F430 – 76,980 Miles

This Ferrari F430 looks like a lot of other F430 models — a red F430 coupe with a tan interior, a well-kept exterior and interior, and gorgeous styling — but it has a secret: the odometer reads just shy of 77,000 miles. That’s a huge figure for any Ferrari, and it helps to prove the reliability of the F430 powertrain, which many Ferrari enthusiasts consider to be bulletproof. This F430 is offered by Chicago Fine Motors in the Chicago area for just $74,500, which is an amazing bargain for an F430 — if you can handle the mileage.

2006 Ferrari F430 Spider - 78,878 Miles

2006 Ferrari F430 Spider – 78,878 Miles

Like the F430 above, this 2006 F430 Spider has traveled a massive distance: nearly 80,000 miles, which is huge for a Ferrari — especially one that’s just 13 years old. This F430 is finished in black, and it’s seen some modifications in its life, with a new exhaust, larger wheels, and yellow accents throughout the interior and engine. It’s offered by a private seller in Montclair, California, east of Los Angeles, for $99,899.

1987 Ferrari Mondial - 75,000 Miles

1987 Ferrari Mondial – 75,000 Miles

This 1987 Ferrari Mondial is a nice example of maybe Ferrari’s most unloved model — though the Mondial still offers an excellent driving experience, befitting a Ferrari from this era. This particular Mondial, finished in red with a tan interior, has traveled an impressive 75,000 miles from new — and it’s currently listed for sale by a private seller in Virginia Beach, Virginia, for $58,000, with a nicely kept interior and exterior.

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    • It’s not a horrible car. The later 3.2 model was obviously better than the 8. That price seems awful high for an 87 with that mileage… Great maintenance history makes the difference, though….

  1. It’s funny, When I was young I loved Lambo’s and now I’m growing older I’m leaning more towards Ferrari and Porsche… I guess at 37 I don’t need something as super flashy as a Lambo…

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