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These Are the Highest-Mileage Toyota Trucks and SUVs on Autotrader

Toyota trucks have a reputation for durability — and these examples are proof. I’ve rounded up a few of the highest-mileage Toyota truck and SUV models currently listed for sale on Autotrader, all of which have traveled truly impressive distances in their lifetimes.

1997 Toyota Tacoma - 533,973 Miles

1997 Toyota Tacoma – 533,973 Miles

This Toyota Tacoma is currently the Toyota mileage champ among vehicles listed for sale on Autotrader. It’s a 1997 model that’s traveled a massive 533,973 miles, and it’s clearly seen better days, as the images show some rust spots, some body damage and some missing pieces. But it still soldiers on, as Toyota trucks tend to — and now it’s offered by a private seller in rural Pikeville, Kentucky, for just $1,500.

2007 Toyota Tundra - 471,788 Miles

2007 Toyota Tundra – 471,788 Miles

This 2007 Toyota Tundra looks really nice on the outside, but that clean exterior has a secret: this truck has driven 471,788 miles from new. A one-owner truck that lived its whole life in the Houston area, it’s nearly reached 500,000 miles in just 12 years — and now it’s offered by Starfire Auto in Santa Clarita, California, north of Los Angeles, for $6,490. The Tundra looks like it’s in nice shape, and the Carfax report shows a lot of maintenance and repair records over its 471,788-mile lifespan.

2003 Toyota Tundra - 440,254 Miles

2003 Toyota Tundra – 440,254 Miles

This 2003 Toyota Tundra nearly beats out its slightly newer sibling, above, as it’s traveled a massive 440,000 miles from new. Offered by Orr Kia in Shreveport, Louisiana, this Tundra looks like it’s lived quite a life, as it has some scrapes and dents and it’s covered in dirt and grim even in the ad. That’s probably because most potential shoppers won’t care how this truck looks, but rather if it still has some life left — and even at 440,000 miles, it probably does. It’s listed for $2,850.

1998 Toyota Land Cruiser - 407,748 Miles

1998 Toyota Land Cruiser – 407,748 Miles

The Toyota Land Cruiser has a global reputation for reliability, and this particular model clearly upholds it. It’s a 1998 Land Cruiser — meaning that it hails from the first year of the "100 series," which lasted through 2007 — and it’s traveled an unbelievable 407,748 miles from new. It’s finished in green with fading paint, and this Land Cruiser has seen it all — but it surely has some life left, and it’s currently offered by Jack Kain Ford in Versailles, Kentucky, near Lexington, for just $3,350.

Honorable Mention: 1991 Toyota Previa - 409,032 Miles 

Honorable Mention: 1991 Toyota Previa – 409,032 Miles

Although this list is supposed to be high-mileage Toyota trucks and SUVs, this particular van deserves an honorable mention. This is a 1991 Previa that’s managed to travel nearly 410,000 miles, proving that it’s not just Toyota trucks and SUVs that are reliable and durable. Offered for sale by Contemporary Mitsubishi in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, this Previa was sold new in the Houston area — and according to the Carfax report, it spent its whole life in Texas, possibly with just one owner, until finding its way to Alabama in 2014. It’s currently listed for just $1,977.

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  1. It’s not listed on Autotrader but they had that 1 Million Mile Tundra recently that a guy traded in.

    I just traded in my 09 Corolla and it had 241k miles on it.  For about $500 worth of maintenance I could have kept right on driving it.
    • Yeah, it was a guy from Houma, Louisiana, close to where I am from.  All I could figure, is that, that was a hotshot truck for one of the oilfield companies, for him to rack up the mileage like that.

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