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You Can Get a Used ND Mazda Miata for Less Than $15,000

The Mazda MX-5 Miata has long been a darling of car enthusiasts. It’s a car that represents pure driving thrills in a compact, lightweight package that comes at a very affordable price — especially when you shop for a used one. Whether you’re a young enthusiast shopping for your first real sports car, or you’ve always loved Miatas and have had your eye on the new ND generation since it first came out, I have some great news for you. We are at a point where the current ND generation of the Mazda Miata can be found in the used market for less than $15,000.

That’s right, less than $15K for an ND. No, I’m not just talking about examples that have been crashed on an eager enthusiast’s first track day (although that’s certainly an option if you’re really looking for a low sticker price). I’m talking about nice, clean, unmodified examples that have only a few miles on them. This car has been around since the 2016 model year, which means it’s now old enough to be within reach for drivers with more modest budgets.

Most of the Miata models you’ll find at this price point are the base Sport model, which makes sense, considering that it was the most affordable when new. The beauty of the Miata, in general, is its simplicity. It’s just you and your flickable little sports car (hopefully, with a manual transmission) and not much else. It seems as though most Miata fanatics don’t care in the slightest about luxuries such as premium audio, automatic high beams or rain-sensing wipers. They just care about the pure joy that the Mazda Miata can provide and few cars can imitate.

It’s nice that the ND is getting so affordable, because we’re at a point in Miata history where it’s getting really hard to find an unmodified NA or NB Miata anymore. There’s the NC, but that’s the least-loved Miata generation because, while it’s still a great roadster, it got a little bigger, a little heavier and strayed a little too far from the original MX-5 formula. The smaller, lighter, sharper ND came around in 2016 and found a sweet spot between a simple, lightweight sports car and a modern grand touring car.

If you can’t find any ND Miatas around the $15K mark near you, just keep checking every so often. Depreciation is a simple concept: The more time marches on, the cheaper it makes used cars, with very few exceptions. Depreciation is unkind to new car buyers, but it’s a wonderful blessing to used car bargain hunters. Find a Mazda MX-5 Miata for sale

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  1. I think the NC, however derided, is still the best looking one.  I checked Autotrader for NC models within 300 miles of where I live and none of them were manuals, however, which is bizarre and sad for a Miata.

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