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Autotrader Find: Pristine 1997 Plymouth Voyager With 21,000 Miles

I still remember when the 1996 Chrysler minivans came out, because they offered a completely revolutionary feature: dual sliding doors. Nobody had dual sliding doors yet, but these vans did, and everybody wanted one. They were very popular, but after 20 years, they’ve all been used and abused to death.

Not this one. This 1997 Plymouth Voyager is a pristine, low-mileage survivor, with just 21,000 original miles and the amazing condition to prove it. The interior is completely original and looks barely worn, with the seats appearing exactly as they would’ve back in 1997. The Voyager has crank windows and a truly impressive, well-kept, untouched interior and exterior.

Although the seller doesn’t explain how this van ended up in such perfect, well-kept condition, the Carfax report shows that it was sold new in Florida, but then moved to Texas in 2002 where it has remained. It’s currently offered by a private seller in Carrollton, Texas, for $10,500.

Obviously, that’s a big number for a 21-year-old minivan, but this is also a 20,000-mile minivan — meaning it likely has a lot of life left. As a result, this van lives in an odd "no man’s land" of perfect condition but increasing age, and the best buyer for it might be a Chrysler enthusiast who wants a perfect version of one of the automaker’s best vehicles. It’s an impressive van, and it’s truly amazing to see it in this condition.

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  1. So he means 3000 right because honestly that’s all that it’s worth maybe 4000 I’ll be generous

    “Oh it only has 21000 miles on it, it has lots of life left” 
    Maybe excpt that just means it hasn’t been properly broken in everything rubber on that car needs replacing. Basically everything is 22 years old. It’s gonna be a money pit
  2. When I was young, my mother had a 1996 Grand Caravan. It had the second best option of everything – the Infiniti stereo, but no CD, a the 3.3L V6 but not the 3.8L, dual zone climate control but nothing for the rear. It was an excellent van until it was totaled with 130k miles on it. The engine was still perfect, too!

  3. Certainly a blast from the past! I remember the first minivan I encountered as a European in Southern Canada back in 2000 to see my girlfriend at the time, I would imagine it was very similar to this!

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