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New Ford Promise: You Can Return Your Car

Ford announced that customers who buy or lease a new vehicle through Ford Credit can return it within the first year if they lose a job.

Buying a Used Toyota Tacoma: Everything You Need to Know

A used Toyota Tacoma pickup offers just about everything a truck buyer could want, including a good reputation and strong resale value.

Buying a Used Jeep Grand Cherokee: Everything You Need to Know

A used Jeep Grand Cherokee is as comfortable as it is capable but poor reliability ratings may make it less desirable than some competitors.

Buying a Used Toyota 4Runner: Everything You Need to Know

A used Toyota 4Runner makes a great SUV choice, with a good reputation for off-road readiness, reliability and resale.

Here’s What to Do if You Can’t Make Your Car Payment

Worried you can't make a payment? Autotrader has some advice.

Buying a Used Chevrolet Silverado 1500: Everything You Need to Know

Buying a used Chevrolet Silverado 1500 will give you a reliable full-size pickup with a good reputation for comfort and capability.

5 Things To Do On a Used Car Test Drive

You're ready for a used car test drive. You've done your research, narrowed your list down and honed it to perhaps just a few cars. Now it's time to take that car out for a spin. In addition to making sure you're comfortable in the car and that it meets your financial requirements, there are a lot of things to pay close attention to.

Buying a Used Ford F-250: Everything You Need to Know

A used Ford F-250 pickup will give you maximum pulling and hauling power, plus some pretty upscale features unexpected in such a big pickup.

After the Shutdown: Car Buying Strategies in an Uncertain Market

What will car buying look like post-shutdown? Will desirable services and inventory remain?

Is Buying a Used Electric Vehicle a Good Idea?

We're taking a look at whether it's a good idea or a bad idea to buy a used electric vehicle.

How to Improve Ride Quality In Your Car

Big wheels and tires may look cool, but a smaller set usually delivers a smoother, quieter ride, and better fuel economy, too.

How to Choose New-Car Trim Levels and Options

You're shopping for a specific model, but the choices can still be confusing. These tips will help you understand trim levels and options.

Buying a Used Chevrolet Corvette: Everything You Need to Know

Looking for a used Chevrolet Corvette? Autotrader has you covered with some tips before buying

Buying a Car: Can Dealerships Trade Cars?

Can one dealership trade cars with another to find you the exact model that you want? We have the answer.

Buying a Used Car: Why Are Some Used Luxury Cars So Cheap to Buy?

Used luxury cars are often very cheap to buy, but have you ever wondered why? We have the answer.

Buying a Used Car: Does Mileage Matter?

When you're buying a used car, low mileage can be seductive. But as our editors explain, the odometer reading is just one factor among many.

Buying a Car: Why Should You Care If a Car Was in an Accident and Repaired?

Say you're thinking about a car that was previously in an accident. Why does it matter?

Buying a Used Car: Why Does Everyone Recommend Honda and Toyota?

Why are your friends counseling you to get a Toyota or Honda when buying a used car? We have some answers.

Buying a Car: What Term Should Your Loan Be?

Considering a new car? We examine a few factors to help determine which loan term is right for you.

Buying a Used Car: How Do You Check for Rust?

Checking for rust is essential, but it isn't always easy. We've simplified the process with a few tips.

Financing a Car: Are Taxes and Fees Included in Financing?

Are taxes and fees included when you finance a new or used car? We're breaking it down for you.

Should You Buy a Car That’s Been in an Accident?

It's easier than ever to tell if a used car was involved in an accident -- but if it was, should you stay away?

Pros and Cons of Air Suspension

We've provided a few tips on the benefits and drawbacks of air suspension, an increasingly popular option on cars and SUVs.

How to Sell a Car if the Bank Has the Title

So you want to sell your car, but the bank holds the title. Can you sell it before you pay it off?

What Is Buy Here Pay Here?

If a traditional lender isn't an option for your upcoming car purchase, Buy Here Pay Here may be a good solution.
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