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Video | Tyler Hoover and Doug DeMuro Discuss New Car Tech They Like Best

This week, Hoovie and Doug have returned for another round of talking about cars — and now, we’re discussing new car technology that we like the best. The only issue with this is that Hoovie is a noted enthusiast of cars from the 1980s, 1990s, and early- to mid-2000s, and he doesn’t really "do" technology newer than that. As a result, things get a little interesting here.

Still, we came up with some good pieces of technology — like, for instance, Hoovie mentioned that he loves massaging seats and the "starry night" headliner in Rolls-Royce models. Being a little more practical, I mentioned that my favorite pieces of technology are adaptive cruise control — amazing for sitting in traffic — and camera technology, though Hoovie also chose cameras.

In this video, we also learned that Hoovie’s knowledge of, say, Bluetooth is a little lacking — and we confirmed that technology isn’t really his "thing." Naturally, all of this makes for an interesting episode of Hoovie and Doug Talk About Cars. 

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  1. No mention of blind spot monitors or cross traffic alerts? As a car driver, I can’t imagine living without it now when I have to back out of a space between a Suburban and an F-350. Hyundai’s system that locks the doors when you parallel park and it detects traffic coming up behind seems amazing too. 

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