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Best Lease Deals Under $300: August 2022

Here are the best lease deals with payments under $300/month in August 2022.

Best New Car Deals: August 2022

This month's best new car deals include several attractive offers for qualified shoppers.

5 Best Used Cars With High Ground Clearance

If the idea of getting a car with more ground clearance appeals to you, here are five used cars to look for that fit the bill.

Tips for Awesome Road Trips With Your Dog

Dogs love their human companions, so why wouldn't you take them with you on a road trip? Do the prep work, and you'll all enjoy the ride.

10 Best Used Compact Cars Under $8,000

Looking for a great car on a budget? Here is Autotrader's list of Best Used Compact Cars Under $8,000.

Electric Cars: Honda and Toyota Are Playing Catch-Up

As respected brands, Honda and Toyota could be winning the EV race. So, why aren’t they?

2023 BMW 4 Series: Choosing the Right Trim

In the 2023 BMW 4 Series, you get a coupe, convertible, and four-door “Gran Coupe” with a bit more heft and style than the 3 Series.

2023 Subaru Impreza: Choosing the Right Trim

The 2023 Subaru Impreza delivers top-notch safety, reliability, resale, and even with all-wheel drive, great fuel economy.

Here Are the 10 Best 4th of July Car Deals

Our list of the best 4th of July car deals includes several offers with 0% down and many with cash back and/or deferred payments.
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