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Daewoo Motors was a South Korean car company with a very short history in the United States. Daewoo-branded cars were only available in the U.S. and Canada between 1997-2002. The brand went bankrupt in the early 2000s and was absorbed by General Motors to become GM Korea, which still kept the Daewoo name alive in some parts of the world. In Europe, all of Daewoo was replaced by Chevrolet in the mid-2000s which was the first time Chevys were ever available in Europe. The few Daewoo models we did have available in the States included the subcompact Lanos, the compact Leganza, and the Nubira wagon. These models have a reputation as small, affordable, efficient cars that serve as humble transportation without a lot of frills. Daewoo did live on in the U.S. in a way in the form of GM products. For example, the first-generation Chevy Aveo was developed as the Daewoo Kalos as a replacement for the Lanos and the original Chevy Cruze was marketed as the Daewoo Lacetti in South Korea.

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