Despite promising 255 horsepower for months, Buick recently released the final specs for its high-performance Regal GS premium sedan, which include a surprising ? and very welcome ? 270 horsepower.

The improved horsepower figure will be accompanied by 295 pound-feet of torque, which Buick says will help propel the sedan to 60mph in around 6.7 seconds. But despite the quick acceleration and hefty power figures, the Regal GS is sure to rack up great gas mileage, too, thanks to its unusual powerplant: a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder.

According to Buick, its unconventional engine ? which boasts more power and torque than many of its competitors' V6's ? has been certified by the Society of Automotive Engineers as the most "power dense" engine ever tested, with a staggering 135 horsepower per liter. Buick says that in addition to turbocharging, new technologies like variable valve timing and direct fuel injection contributed to the engine's ability to extract so much power despite its small size.

"We've been combining direct injection and variable valve timing with boosted engines since 2006, and there's no question the Regal GS turbo has the responsiveness and acceleration of some V6s, while delivering the fuel economy you'd expect of a four-cylinder," said Mike Anderson, global chief engineer of the Ecotec engine family.

And that responsiveness will be aided by the Regal GS's transmission choices. While many of its competitors only offer automatics, the Regal GS will come standard with a six-speed manual, sure to satisfy driving enthusiasts ? and rack up nearly 30 miles per gallon on the highway. A six-speed automatic will also be offered. Enthusiasts will also be pleased to learn the Regal GS will offer an active suspension program, dubbed Drive Control System, allowing drivers to choose suspension and steering settings based on driving style.

While Buick hasn't released exact on-sale dates for the Regal GS, it's likely that the sporty sedan isn't too far off ? and that means pricing information will also be on its way shortly.

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