• The Emerg-E is a concept sports car from Infiniti.
  • The concept will feature sleek lines and electric power.
  • Some technology from the Emerg-E may make production.

Infiniti will launch a new sports car concept at next month's Geneva Auto Show. Officially dubbed Emerg-E, the new concept will feature an electric drivetrain, edgy new styling and a host of exciting technology.

While Infiniti has been tight-lipped on information surrounding the Emerg-E, the automaker recently released a series of preview images and several details about the upcoming concept. From the images, it's clear the Emerg-E will be a low-slung sports car with a litany of sculpted, aggressive lines intended to evoke high-end exotics from Ferrari and Lamborghini that the concept might rival if it saw production.

Infiniti says that under the Emerg-E's aggressive lines, the concept sports car features a fully-electric plug-in motor mated to a range-extending gasoline engine. While the automaker didn't announce full details about the Emerg-E's powertrain, it did note the gasoline engine will include just 1.2 liters, the electric motor's range will be "respectable," and both powerplants will be mid-mounted to optimize handling and weight distribution.

Although the Emerg-E concept is unlikely to see production, we suspect it may be an exciting way for Infiniti to show off new technologies that will find their way into the brand's future products. Such technologies could include an electric motor with a range-extending gasoline engine, mid-mounted powertrains and even a futuristic new charging system.

The Emerg-E follows up on the Essence, another hybrid sports car concept released by Infiniti, which debuted at the Geneva Auto Show in 2009. While the Emerg-E uses plug-in hybrid technology capable of propelling it on electric power alone, the Essence featured a twin-turbocharged 430-horsepower 3.7-liter V6 mated to a more traditional hybrid powertrain like the system found in the popular Toyota Prius.

We'll be on hand to provide more information about the Emerg-E and any other new models shown in Geneva during our live coverage of the show next month.

What it means to you: Don't get too excited by the Emerg-E's shape, as it's unlikely to make production - but don't be surprised if some of its impressive technology does.

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