• Based off of same platform as Hyundai Equus
  • Will hit Korea in first-half of year, other markets later
  • Named KH now, but will change when car is launched

Kia's next big sedan is coming, and soon. But one detail is not wrapped up yet: the name. Going by the name of KH until now, Kia has not only unveiled the first official pictures of the luxury sedan, but also asked all of its Facebook fans to help name it. Thus far there have been some great suggestions, some that leave you scratching your head, and some that are obviously there for entertainment, whether it be humor or taking a dig at Kia's latest creation.

All that aside, on to the pictures. The KH is definitely a big car, based off of the same platform Hyundai's Equus and Genesis sedans sit atop. Exterior styling is aggressive and elegant at once, featuring the latest entry into the all-LED headlamp game, which thus far isn't very populated, and those that are there are from the biggest names in the segment. Of course in a car like this what truly matters is on the inside, which Kia hasn't shared the details of yet. However, whatever is inside seems to be backed up by the exterior's looks.

While the car is just a concept, Kia says that the car will see production, and will go on sale in its home market during the first half of this year, and see its other markets by the end of the year. Until then, if you think you have what it takes to make it in the car-naming business, head over to Kia's Facebook page and show the world what you've got.

What it means to you: Kia's throwing its hat into the luxury sedan ring, and will even let you choose the name of its upcoming car.

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Tom Cassady comes from a family that has been present in the automotive industry for generations, sowing the car enthusiast seed at a young age. When he's not tracking the industry, Tom likes to run, eat buffalo wings, play soccer and partake in the finest of brown spirits.

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