• Improvements include larger displays and bolder fonts
  • System will also respond faster to inputs
  • Vehicles with current system can be upgraded to MyFord Touch 2.0

After considerable testing and development, Ford is poised to launch an all-new version of its popular MyFord Touch infotainment system. Dubbed MyFord Touch 2.0, the new system features a host of enhancements over its predecessor. Owners with the previous version of MyFord Touch will also benefit from some of the enhancements, since the new software can be installed in their vehicle.

According to Ford, MyFord Touch 2.0 addresses many grievances that have led to lower than average rankings in recent customer surveys. Improvements to the new version include larger and bolder fonts designed to address complaints about readability, a larger clock, and improved access to frequently used controls like radio presets and heated seats.

The automaker also changed the system's navigation display. According to Ford, the latest version of MyFord Touch provides more legibile map readouts, more contrast designed to improve visibility, and exciting new 3D landmarks.

But the biggest change made to MyFord Touch 2.0 is an improved touchscreen that responds more quickly to user inputs. Ford claims the system's display screen now responds at least twice as fast as its predecessor, leading to near-instantaneous reaction times when on-screen buttons are pushed. That's a major improvement over the old system, which was frequently criticized for long delays when responding to commands.

But Ford says the latest version of MyFord Touch offers more than just improvements over today's system. The automaker is also touting a new voice control feature, which enables users of several handheld tablets - including iPads, Kindles and Nooks - to control their devices by voice. While safety advocates may view this as yet another in-car distraction, Ford says the new system helps get tablets out of driver hands, leading to safer roads.

According to Ford, the new MyFord Touch 2.0 will be installed in all 2013 models equipped with the system, including Lincoln vehicles that offer the similar MyLincoln Touch. For drivers of Ford and Lincoln vehicles equipped with the original version of MyFord Touch, the automaker says it will offer a software update that takes less than an hour to install and can be done at home or with the help of a dealership.

While we have yet to experience the new system, Ford says more than 1,000 employees tested preliminary versions of MyFord Touch 2.0 in their vehicles over the last several months, providing feedback to the automaker along the way. That's good news for tech-savvy car shoppers, who will likely find the latest system far more refined than today's effort.

What it means to you: Ford is hoping its latest MyFord Touch system will turn its lagging customer satisfaction ratings around.

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Jeffrey Archer is fortunate to have turned a passion for cars into a career. His wide-ranging automotive experience includes work for automakers and dealers in addition to covering the news. When not writing, he spends his time searching for unique cars on AutoTrader.com.

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